Michael Fiscalini

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Michael Fiscalini
Occupation Publican
Years active 1895-1938
Known for Halfway House Hotel
Queen's Head Hotel
Imperial Hotel
Spouse(s) Catherine Margaret
Children Frank Fiscalini

Michael Fiscalini was a publican in Ballarat, <1895-1938>.

History[edit | edit source]

In December 1895, Fiscalini took over the Halfway House Hotel in Mount Clear.[1]

Fiscalini held the license for the Queen's Head Hotel, in Humffray Street, Ballarat, in February 1916. He was fined £5 for having the bar door open during prohibited hours.[2]

In July 1917, Fiscalii's son, Frank, was wounded in action:

TROOPER FRANK FISCALINI. Mr and Mrs M Fiscalini of the Queen's Head hotel, Ballarat East, have been notified that their son, Trooper Frank Fiscalini, has been wounded in action in Kanatara. Trooper Fiscalini left Australia about two years ago, with the 8th Light Horse.[3]

In March 1920 the license for the Queen's Head Hotel was transferred from Michael Fiscalini to Susan J. O'Donohue.[4]

In 1922, Fiscalini was the licensee of the Imperial Hotel in Humffray Street.[5]

In August 1923 he was fined for breaching licensing laws:

In the city court on Friday , Michael Fiscalini, licensee of the Imperial Hotel, Humffray-street, Ballarat East, was fined £1 on a charge of having failed to keep an outer door unlocked after the ordinary trading hours, provided under the temperance bar permit conditions.[6]

In December 1923 he was again charged:

In the City Court on Friday Michael Fiscalini, licensee of the Imperial Hotel, was fined £3 on a charge of having allowed persons on his premises during prohibited hours.[7]

In February 1928 Fiscalini was charged with negligent driving after an incident in Armstrong Street. He ran into the side of Harris Powell and Sandford's delivery van, then into a veranda post and finally stopped when he hit the wall of the their shop. He said he didn't see the delivery van driver making a turn signal with his outstretched arm. He was fined £3 and £1 costs. Fiscalini didn't have a driver's license, and said he just delivering the car to his brother. He was fined an additional 10/s.[8]

In February 1938, Fiscalini was now licensee of the Railway Hotel in Lydiard Street:

Michael Fiscalini, licensee of the Railway Hotel, was fined £ 1/10/ on a charge that persons had been found on the premises in prohibited hours.[9]

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