Michael Francis Murphy

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Michael Francis Murphy
Known for Imperial Hotel
Spouse(s) Julia Crennan
  • Patrick Murphy (father)
  • Margaret Lenihan (mother)

Michael Francis Murphy was a publican in Ballarat, <1915>.

History[edit | edit source]

Michael Francis Murphy was born in Ballarat in 1874 youngest son and one of 9 children of Patrick Murphy and Margaret Lenihan, both of Limerick who had emigrated to the Ballarat area in 1859. He and two of his brothers John and David were licensees of pubs. Michael of the Imperial at Humffray and Mair (Mair was formerly named Wills Street), John at the Royal Standard Ballarat East, and David at All Nations in Canadian. Michael was also Treasurer of the Lal Lal Turf Club.

Michael and John were called as witnesses to the case of a drunken man who fell as he tried to board a moving train from East Ballarat to Buninyong. Subsequently that man died. The man had previously visited both Murphy hotels on that same afternoon, and then gone to the train station. The Ballarat Star reported the case on Saturday 24 April 1915, page 7.

Michael married Julia Crennan and their two children were born in the upstairs rooms of the hotel Imperial. Since those days the hotel has undergone many name changes, Gamekeepers Secret among others. In 2021 it is called Table 48. Michael's name M. Murphy used to be visible high over the doorway of the hotel.

The family moved to Melbourne after 1917. Michael lived there until his death in 1944. He appears to have done well out of his hotel being able to buy property in Melbourne.

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