Millbrook Hotel

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Millbrook Hotel
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Town Millbrook
Known dates 1884-1892

The Millbrook Hotel was a hotel in Millbrook, Victoria, <1884-1892>.

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The hotel was in Millbrook.[1]

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In July 1887 three young boys who were lost spent the night in the hotel:

About noon on Wednesday three boys, of whom the youngest was aged four and the oldest about nine years, sons of Mr John Davis, a miner, wandered away from their parents’ residence, and although as soon as their absence was discovered search was made and telegrams sent in every direction, and search parties out all through the night, they had not been discovered when daylight set in this morning, but about midday the whole trio, safe and sound, were brought into Egerton again by Constable Armstrong, of Yendon, and their uncle, named Lloyd, who had been one of those who searched for them. It appears that the little wanderers had made off towards Buninyong, and when some six miles on the road were met, questioned, and directed homeward. Turning back as if in that direction, they strayed off the road, and as the cold wet night set in, found themselves at Millbrook, where they were hospitably housed and cared for by Mrs Keating, of the Millbrook hotel. Refreshed with a good supper, bed, and breakfast, they were started for Egerton, five miles distant, by the fenced in road; but got astray again in a large, densely-timbered and scrubby paddock, where, but for the constables and Lloyd finding them, it is quite possible they might have perished from exposure, if not from the attacks of foxes, which are numerous in this neighborhood. It is almost needless to picture the joy and gratitude of the parents, or the general satisfaction expressed through the whole district at the children’s safe return.[2]

The publican was fined in July 1889:

Police Inspector Parkinson v J. Keating, having the bar door of his licensed hotel at Millbrook unlocked within the prohibited hours. Defendant pleaded guilty; no witnesses were called, and he was fined £5, and 30s costs.[3]

The hotel was offered for sale in August 1892:

MILLBROOK. THURSDAY, 18th AUG. At the Millbrook Hotel, At 12 o’clock. MILLBROOK HOTEL and 26 ACRES. Also, 21 ACRES of SPLENDID LAND. The properties of Mr EDWARD SULLIVAN Who is leaving the the district BROPHY. FOLEY, and DOWLING, instructed by Mr Edward Sullivan, will sell by public auction (by their Mr D. Brophy), as above The MILLBROOK HOTEL (which does a comfortable business) is a substantial building of 10 rooms on the main Gordon road, and is at present occupied by Mr Thomas Keating. In addition to the hotel there is good stabling and loose boxes, all the out-houses are in good order. With the hotel there will be sold about 27 acres of as good land as there is in Victoria. It is within easy distance from Ballarat and handy to the Millbrook Railway Station. The 21 acres, which will be sold separately, is known as the bush paddock, and adjoins the well known properties of Messrs W. Looby, Jas. Greene, and Michael Sullivan. About 5 acres of this land has been cleared and broken up, and the balance is virgin soil, and could with very little expense be put under cultivation. To anyone wanting a quiet country hotel and 26 acres of first-class land, the auctioneers can recommend the above. The 21 acres is so well known in the district that comment is unnecessary. Certificate - Title. Terms at sale.[1]

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