Mount Franklin Hotel

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Mount Franklin Hotel
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Town Mount Franklin
Known dates 1857-1862

The Mount Franklin Hotel was a hotel in Mount Franklin, Victoria, <1857-1862>.

Background[edit | edit source]

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was described as being at Spring Creek (1857) and Limestone Creek (1862), Mount Franklin.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In March 1857, the erection of the hotel's new concert room was reported in the newspaper:

Hodge opens his splendid concert room next week with several stars from Melbourne. This will be a treat to the people at Spring Creek. The Mount Franklin hotel is somewhat distinguished for theatrical entertainments.[2]

The concert room was in full use:

  • October 1857

Mr. Hodge, of the Mount Franklin Hotel, will, on Saturday next, introduce Messrs. F. Woodin and Wallerstein to the people of Spring Creek. The Castlemaine press has already spoken in very flattering terms of the musical acquirements of these gentlemen, more need not be said ; they will doubtless receive a hearty welcome. The inhabitants here are delighted to hear that Mr. Hodge has succeeded in another engagement with Herr W. Gollmick, the highly talented pianist, and Mr. Hunter the violinist. It was rumoured that Mr. Gollmick had made an engagement at Castlemaine. The strong wishes of that gentleman induced Mr. Hodge to offer sufficient inducement for a prolonged stay. To have lost the valuable musical service of those gentlemen just now, would have caused a dreary blank in the very small world of music about Jim Crow. The folk of Castlemaine will doubtless have an opportunity, at the close of the present engagement, of witnessing the performances of the two musicians spoken of.[3]

  • November 1857:

Mr. Hodge, the spirited proprietor of the Mount Franklin Hotel, has just completed an engagement with Miss Julia Harland, Mr. Sberwin, Mr. and Mrs. Hancock, and Mr. Hoskins. Some few months since Miss Julia Harland, accompanied by Messrs. Hoskins, Sherwin, and Linley Norman, the pianist, appeared before a Jim Crow audience with great success. They first played for three nights at Brabant's Hotel, on the old racecourse, at Spring Creek. The Assembly-room was literally crowded on each night of performance. They afterwards appeared at the Wombat Hotel and were equally successful. Before leaving the district a substantial testimonial in the shape of a purse of sovereigns was presented to the lady, and they left Jim Crow accompanied by the warmest wishes of the people that the day would come when the residents should have the pleasure of again witnessing their refined and pleasing performances Since that time the company have been playing at the Victoria Theatre, Hobart Town, and at the New Theatre, at Launceston ; and we happen to know that the theatres named were nightly crammed ; indeed, their success was of the most brilliant kind. Mr. Hodge has acted wisely in securing the talented and well appreciated services of these artistes. The heavy loss sustained by the company by the late fire at Castlemaine has awakened an interest in their favour, such as cannot fail to guarantee success. The hotel has recently been considerably improved and is admirably adapted for such performances ; the first appearance will take place on Monday evening next, in the opera of " Norma" when they will doubtless meet with a warm and enthusiastic reception from their Wombatonian admirers.[4]

The publican was charged with keeping a disorderly house in December 1857:

On Thursday last Mr. Hodge, the spirited proprietor of the Mount Franklin Hotel, at Spring Creek, appeared before the bench to answer two informations preferred against him by Mr. Sergeant Paschon. Firstly, with having resisted the police in the execution of their duty; and secondly with keeping a disorderly house. Mr. Prendergast, barrister of Castlemaine, appeared for the defence. Sergeant Paschon deposed that he was passing the hotel in question between the hours of one and two in the morning of the 4th inst, when some little noise within attracted his attention, and he desired defendant to clear the house, which defendant declined to do. Witness hastened to the Camp, obtained three or four constables, reached the hotel, and found - what ? a number of respectable residents tripping it gaily to music's sweetest notes- But they also found one man drunk at the bar, who on the first visit had been a little noisy. This man was taken into custody by the constables, without any charge being preferred by the landlord or any other person, was locked up, and in the morning was discharged without being taken before a magistrate. After a speech from Mr. Prendergast in defence, the bench dismissed the case.[1]

In December 1858 Professor Bushell was performing at the hotel:

Professor Bushell has been astounding the people here. His scientific displays excited universal admiration, and the scenic hall of the Mount Franklin Hotel re-echoed with the bursts of approbation which were showered forth from a numerous and delighted audience.[5]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

The People[edit | edit source]

  • In December 1857, the publican was Hodge.[1]
  • In 1862 the publican was J. Honey:

The annual licensing meeting was held yesterday, before James Daly, Esq. P. M., and R. Burton, Esq., when the following district publicans' licenses were granted without opposition:— J. Phillips, Horse and Jockey Hotel, Yandoit; R. Tucker, Yandoit Hotel, Yandoit; George Dixon, Hamburg Hotel, Yandoit; J. Honey, Mount Franklin Hotel, Limestone Greek; J. James, Hit-or-Miss Hotel, Deep Creek; M. Rachinger, Camp Hotel, Yandoit. Some fifteen or twenty refreshment licenses were also granted.[6]

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