Muriel Alvie Lyon

From Hotels of Ballarat
Muriel Alvie Lyon
Occupation Publican
Years active 1931-1937
Known for All Nations Hotel
Crown Hotel
Centenary Hotel
Royal Hotel (Portland)
Home town Clunes
Spouse(s) Ewart Alonzo Lyon

Muriel Alvie Lyon was a publican in the Ballarat district, <1931-1937>

History[edit | edit source]

In 1928, Muriel and her husband are living in Hunter Street, Brunswick West, where she is listed as home duties, and he is a fitter.[1]

In 1931, Muriel and her husband had the All Nations Hotel in Clunes.[2]

In 1934 they had the Crown Hotel in Buninyong. She is listed as publican, and he is the hotel manager.[3]

In September 1937, she was publican of the Centenary Hotel in Bridge Street, Ballarat. She avoided more serious charges for trading after hours through a legal loophole; she had poured the drinks but not actually served them:

"I am bound by the decision of the former Chief Justice (Sir William Irvine) as to the meaning of the word "disposal", said Mr. A. Hill, P.M., in the city court, when Muriel Alvie Lyon, licensee of the Centenary Hotel, was charged with unlawful disposal of liquor, with having had the bar door open, and with having permitted persons on the premises at 8.40p.m. on August 28, Evidence showed that when the police arrived there were six men present, and four glasses and two pots of beer had just been poured out to be handed round. Mr. T. E. Byrne said that the police were just a minute too soon. The beer was there, but had not been disposed of to the men. Mr. Hill said that disposal to any particular person had not been proved, and the charge must fail. For having had the bar door open defendant was fined £5, and for having permitted unauthorised persons on the premises 15. Five men were each fined £1.[4]

In March 1939 the license for the Centenary Hotel was transferred to Lawrence Frederick Etherton.[5]

In April 1939 they moved to the Royal Hotel in Portland.[6] They were still there in 1942.[7]

In 1954 they are listed as living in the Melbourne beachside suburb of Mentone, where he is listed as a builder, and she is listed as home duties.[8]

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