New Eglinton Hotel

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There was also an Eglinton Hotel and an Old Eglinton Hotel.
New Eglinton Hotel
Source unknown
Town Ballarat
Street Main Street
Closed 31 December 1922
Known dates 1879-1922

The New Eglinton Hotel was in Ballarat East, Victoria, <1879-1922.

Site[edit | edit source]

The New Eglinton Hotel was in Main Road, Ballarat.[1] The photo (date unknown) has it next door to Walker's hairdressers, with was formerly the Kerry Hotel.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

There was a small fire at the hotel in May 1879:

Some window curtains caught fire at the New Eglinton hotel, Main street, shortly before 6 o’clock on Monday evening. The Eastern fire bell gave the alarm, and both brigades turned out to no purpose, for the fire was all extinguished before even the Ballarat brigade could get to the spot.[3]

The New Eglinton Hotel Hotel was listed to be de-licensed on 29 June 1888.[1] At the hearing it was described as being of seven rooms, and well conducted by the licensee and owner, Catherine Martin.[4]

New Eglinton—Catherine Martin, licensee. A two-story brick hotel, seven rooms; fairly well conducted; doing a bar business principally.[5]

It was the subject of another hearing in March 1918. In 1918 the hotel was described as:

...the New Eglinton hotel contained 12 rooms and a bar. The building was old, but in good condition, and the place was well furnished. It was a very well conducted house. The hotel catered for the working class.[6]

Other testimony from the 1918 hearings:

Elizabeth Reynolds, licensee of the New Eglinton hotel for 28 years, said that apart from the liquor trade she supplied bed accommodation to about six people in each week. Meals were provided for those who temporarily stayed at the house. At Christmas and Easter the hotel was always full. The fruit and vegetable markets brought a fair amount of trade to the house. Mr. Lock — Do the people who patronise the markets make any demand on you, for meals? — Occasionally they have their dinners. Your liquor trade is smaller than at any of the other hotels in the locality. How do you account for that ?— Only the early closing and the number of men who have gone to the front. But that would affect all the hotels in the place. You strictly observe the law I suppose ? — I do. Do you think that would account for the smallness of your trade?— Yes. Francis James Eason, market gardener, of Warrenheip, said the New Eglinton hotel was a great convenience to market gardeners. It was a clean well conducted, and highly respectable house. Joseph Elsworth, butcher, said he had known the New Eglinton hotel for over 20 years, and he regarded it as a place of public convenience. Frederick Marshall, florist, of Main street, gave similar evidence.[6]

It was finally closed by the Licence Reduction Board in 1922.[7] The owner received £850 compensation, and the publican £250.[8]

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