Newmarket Hotel (Miners' Rest)

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Newmarket Hotel
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Town Miners' Rest
Street 137 Howe Street
Known dates 1872-1909
Evidence Building still standing

The Newmarket Hotel was a hotel in Miners' Rest, Victoria, <1872-1909.

Site[edit | edit source]

137 Howe Street, Miners Rest (now sub-divided into lots), corner of Howe Street and Cummins Road. The hotel building dating from the 1860s is still standing and used as a private house.

Background[edit | edit source]

In the early years, Miners Rest boasted six licensed premises, including the Newmarket Hotel (the original miners’ rest) on the corner of Howe Street and Cummins Road, and included the Cobb and Co. stables [1]

A subdivision of 137 Howe Street by then-owners the Murphy family in 2012 split the property into three different lots, separating the stables and hotel and including provision for the stables to be kept, accessed and re-used. The property was sold and the new owner had the property further subdivided into three lots.[2]

The Newmarket Hotel stables had stood in Miners Rest for more than 150 years and formed part of the story behind the town’s name, before they were demolished without permission. Established before the city of Ballarat, Miners Rest became popular in the early 1850s as a half-way point between the two newly discovered goldfields at Clunes and Buninyong. The town’s name literally means it was a resting place for miners travelling between the two fields. Learmonth Historical Society researcher Bill Loader said he used to take groups past the stables on historical tours of the town. “Oh yes, they could be seen from the road,” he said. “They changed the horses there as they were going through to Clunes. It was an important stop and I suppose, with the hotel, it would be a stop for the passengers, too. “They were the only stables left standing on the route, so I suppose that would make them fairly important.”[3]

History[edit | edit source]

In December 1906 the license renewal for the publican was refused after he left the area, and it was transferred to his wife:

The application of Clarence William Cooper, of the New Market Hotel, Miners' Rest, for a renewal was opposed by Sub-Inspector Balchin. He stated that he had received a report that morning that the licensee had virtually abandoned the hotel, he having cleared away. Amy Grace Cooper, wife of the licensee, and her husband left home on Saturday morning. She asked that the license be transferred to her. The application for renewal was refused, and Mrs Cooper's application was granted.[4]

In November 1908 the publican Amy Grace Cooper, was fined:

Amy Cooper, proprietress of the Newmarket Hotel, Miner's Rest, was fined £2 for having refused to open her bar door when requested to do so by the police. Defendant said she had mislaid the key, and could not promptly comply with the request of the police, who believed someone was in the bar.[5]

The license was revoked in 1909:

LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD. - A special sitting of the Licenses Reduction Board was held to-day at the Court of Marine inquiry. The board considered the cases of the Sycamore Hotel, Gowley's Creek, near Woods's Point, of which Alice Haines Bruhns is the owner, and Thomas M'lntyre the licensee; Newmarket hotel, Miners' Rest, of which the Ballarat Trustees, Executors and Agency Co Ltd is the owner, and Amy Grace Cooper is the licensee; Foresters' Arms hotel, Waranga owner, Agnes Moseley: occupier, Henry Joseph Moseley; and the Telegraph hotel, Baringhup East, of which the Maldon Brewing Company is the owner, and Annie Pickard, the licensee. In each of the cases it was desired by the owners and licensees to surrender the licenses. The several licensing inspectors for the districts in which the hotels are situated reported that the houses were not required. The board decided to accept the surrenders as from to-day, and to pay compensation out of next year's funds. Altogether 142 hotels have been closed this year. Sixty-five hotels were closed last year, the total number closed since the board began operation being thus 207.[6]

The Newmarket Hotel was owned by Marita and Garry Murphy for 30 years before the Murphys subdivided the block into three lots in 2012, separating the stables and hotel. Marita Murphy told The Courier "she was saddened to see the stables torn down - Owning and using the Cobb and Co. stables was great for our family for 30 years and we left them safe on three-quarters of an acre, so it’s been very sad to then see them be demolished,” she said.[7]

In November 2018 Marita Murphy announced plans to reopen the historic building for use as a cafe, and called for expressions of interest.[8]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

The Newmarket Hotel was the site of Cobb and Co. stables.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

April 17, 2012
The Murphy family applies to subdivide the block of the Newmarket Hotel, separating the hotel from the stables
June 13, 2012
The subdivision of 137 Howe Street into three lots is approved
May, 2013
The lots are sold, and the new owner of Lot 1, 137 Howe Street demolishes the stables without permission
August, 2013
The City of Ballarat is made aware of the demolition
At some point in between
The City of Ballarat initiates legal action against the person, but then agrees to a diversion order rather than push for a conviction
May 9, 2014
According to the city, a court hearing to grant the diversion order greatly reduces the amount of money to be paid from $10,000 to $3000
July 29, 2014
The city writes to the state government asking for harsher penalties for heritage vandals.[22]

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