Nightingale Hotel (South Street)

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Nightingale Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street South Street
Closed 1887
Known dates 1873-1883

The Nightingale Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, <1873-1887.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in South Street, Ballarat.[1]

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History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was one of a number of hotel robbed in Ballarat in 1874, over 18 months, where access was gained through the cellar doors:

The gang of hotel thieves who gain entrance to the bars of hotels by means of the trap-doors outside, appear still to be pursuing their robberies with the success attendant, upon their exploits of the last eighteen months. In fact, the regularity with which hotels are broken into and robbed of spirits and wines, indicate that the police have not exercised that vigilance with which they are credited, or else the offenders would surely have been discovered by this time. On night or early on Friday morning the premises of Mr Jas. Stewart, of the Nightingale hotel South street were entered and a quantity of brandy, gin, and whisky stolen; the thieves only selecting the best brands. and leaving the more valuable articles such as decanters, &c., Mr Stewart has a notion that he heard the thieves at their work, but thought at the time that it was one of the children who was moving in his bed, and did not get out of bed. One feature in connection with these burglaries is that the thieves do not take any bottles of which are scarce brands, and stick to Hennessy and Dunville, if possible, thus rendering their detection more difficult; but considering the repeated losses that have taken place, in this way recently, it is high time the police took some more vigorous action to discover the culprits.[1]

There was a new publican in 1876:

WANTED the Public to Know that T. JAMES, late of Golden Empire Hotel, Sebastopol, has taken the NIGHTINGALE HOTEL, South street, will be glad to see his old friends.[2]

The hotel was closed in 1887 and the owner sought compensation:

Some arguments were heard yesterday at the Licensing Court in reference to the claims for compensation by Sarah Round, owner, and Harriet Coe, licensee, of the Nightingale hotel, South street. Mr Finlayson appeared for the owner and licensee. Inspector Parkinson urged that the license being now out of existence the applicants had no standing in the court, and the applications were finally adjourned until the next sittings of the court.[3]

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