Nil Desperandum Company

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Nil Desperandum Company
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Town Cape Clear
Known dates 1879

The Nil Desperandum Company was a mining company in Cape Clear, Victoria.

Site[edit | edit source]

The company operated a mine at Cape Clear, and at Berringa.

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History[edit | edit source]

In January 1879 the company leased the Cape Clear mine on tribute to Conrad Zilles:

The adjourned special meeting of the Nil Desperandum Company, Cape Clear, was held to-day at the Coach and Horses hotel, Piggoreet, for the purpose of accepting tenders for letting the mine on tribute, when the tender of Mr Conrad Zilles, of Linton, was accepted on the following terms: —The mine to be free to the tributors for the first three months, for the ensuing nine months 10-per cent. on all gold obtained, for the remaining four years -10 per cent, on 20 oz of gold per week, 15 per cent, on 30 oz per week, and 22 percent on all gold over 30 oz per week. If any person will make the mine pay it is Mr Zilles, as owing to his past experience in the tribute companies at Linton, he will bring a thorough practical mind to bear on the question; and his operations hitherto in the tribute system has been highly satisfactory to every person concerned.[1]

February 1879:

At Cape Clear the tributors under Zilles and party have commenced operations and have already made good progress, and from the generally expressed opinion they will shortly be in good payable washdirt. The company have been promptly paid by the insurance office for their losses by the recent fire.[2]

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References[edit | edit source]

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