North City Hotel

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North City Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street cnr. Howitt Street and Creswick Road
Known dates 1984
Demolished c.1990

The North City Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, <1925-1984>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was on the southeast corner of Howitt Street and Creswick Road. It was demolished c. 1990, and is now the site of Peter Steven's Nissan dealership.

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Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In November 1925, a man from the hotel received serious injuries after a fight with larrikins:

As the result of an alleged assault, Daniel Kennedy, aged 25 years, of the North City Hotel, was admitted to Ballarat Hospital at an early hour on Sunday morning suffering from head injuries. It is stated that Kennedy attended a fancy dress ball at St. Aloysius Hall, Redan, on Saturday night, in the costume of an Indian rajah. Returning home shortly after midnight he encountered several larrikins, whose attempts to wreck his costume were resented. A melee ensued, in which fists, boots and a bottle were used. Kennedy was later found in a semi-conscious condition, and taken to the hospital.[1]

In September 1935 an application was made to transfer the licence:

LICENSING ACT 1928 -APPLICATION for TRANSFER of LICENCE.-I, Jane Carson, the holder of a victualler's licence for the North City Hotel, at Creswick road, Ballarat, in the Licensing District of Allandale, and I, Annie Coles, of 5 Talbot street, South Ballarat, hereby give notice that we will APPLY to the Licensing Court at Melbourne on the 14th day of October, 1935, for the TRANSFER of such LICENCE to the said Annie Coles. Dated this 25th day of September, 1935. JANE CARSON, Transferor. A. COLES, Transferee. Early and Co., hotel brokers, 10 Doveton street south, Ballarat. Phone 868.[2]

In March 1940, the hotel was one of three Ballarat pubs targeted by a scammer:

IMPRISONMENT ON IMPOSITION CHARGES. Twelve months' imprisonment, a sentence the bench declared was lenient, was imposed in the city court on Thursday on Patrick Gregory Walsh, 58 years, laborer, no fixed place of abode, on three charges of imposition, the four months' sentence on each charge being made cumulative. Evidence was given that on March 23 Walsh posed as a Postal department employee, and obtained on false orders sums of 30/- from John Doyle, husband of the licensee of the North City Hotel, and £1 each from Timothy Daniel Hishon, licensee of Meagher's Hotel, Victoria-street, and George Malcolm Cameron, of Mack's Hotel. Walsh, who pleaded guilty, admitted prior convictions for numerous offences.[3]

An application was made to transfer the licence in July 1950:

APPLICATION for TRANSFER LICENCE.-I, Frances Clare Doyle, the holder of a Victualler's licence for North City Hotel at Creswick road, Ballarat, in the Allendale Licensing District and I, John Francis Doyle, care of North City Hotel, Creswick road, Ballarat, hereby give notice that we will APPLY to the Licensing Court at Melbourne on the 7th day of August 1950, for the TRANSFER of the said LICENCE to the said John Francis Doyle. Dated the 18th day July, 1950. F. C. DOYLE, Transferor. J. F. DOYLE, Transferee. T. E. Byrne & Co., of Lydiard street, Ballarat, solicitors for the transferor & transferee.[4]

In December 1984 the hotel applied for a license to trade on a Sunday.[5]

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