Patrick Yale

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Patrick Yale
Died 8 July 1891
Occupation Publican
Years active 1869-1870
Home town Windermere

Patrick Yale was a publican in Windermere, <1870.

History[edit | edit source]

Yale's application for a beer license at Windermere was refused twice in April 1869:

An application from Patrick Vale for a beer license for a house situated near the Windermere school-room was refused, owing to a numerously-signed memorial opposing it. The court then adjourned.[1]

Patrick Yale made application for a license for a house at Windermere. Mr M'Dermott appeared for the applicant. Mr Cuthbert appeared for several persons residents at Windermere, who opposed the application, and urged that the application should have been made to the Learmonth bench by whom it had been before refused. The bench agreed with the objection, and refused to grant the license.[2]

In March 1870 at Learmonth, Yale was fined £5 25s (in default 21 days imprisonment) for sly-grog selling.[3]

A Patrick Yale was killed in a accident on 8 July 1891:

An old resident of Windermere named Patrick Yale, was killed this morning while taking down a mud wall on the property of John Charles. A portion of the wall fell on him, fracturing his skull. When extricated life was found to be extinct.[4]

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