Pavilion Hotel

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Pavilion Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Eastern Oval
Closed 1891
Known dates 1873-1891
Google maps -37.557849,143.8617368

The Pavilion Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat East, Victoria, <1873-1891.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was at the cricket ground in Ballarat East.[1]

The 1861 mining map places the hotel on the site of the current cricket club pavilion. Coordinates: 37° 33' 28.3" S, 143° 51' 44.2" E

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Background[edit | edit source]

It was one of the 40 hotels closed in 1891 in Ballarat East as part of the changes to licensing laws.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

In March 1886 the hotel was granted permission to open a second bar:

An application was made by Mr Pearson for Mr John Godden, of the Pavilion hotel, at the Eastern Oval, for permission to have two bars. Mr Pearson said the one bar was found inadequate on occasions when sports were held on the Oval or when an important cricket match was being played. Mr Parkinson said the bar was on the licensed premises. Application granted.[3]

In February 1888 a stolen suitcase was found near the hotel:

Yesterday Mr Godden, licensee of the Pavilion hotel, at the Eastern Oval, found a portmanteau in the channel at the rear of the pavilion. It had evidently been forced open, and all the contents that were of any value were gone. There were, however, papers that established the identity of the owner. By these it appears that the portmanteau belong to Mr Arthur N. M’Neil, of Ullina, N S.W. On the cover were also the initials “A.N.M.” in ink. Mr Godden handed the article over to the police, and the owner may have it on application to Sergeant Hall, at the city police station.[4]

The hotel was reviewed by the License Reduction Board in June 1888:

Pavilion hotel. Eastern Oval—John Godden, licensee. A wooden building, containing six rooms; no lodging accommodation provided, but house intended merely to supply refreshments to persons visiting that recreation reserve...The Eastern Oval was the principal recreation reserve in Ballarat...John Godden, licensee of the Pavilion hotel, said the Eastern oval was used by the cricket, bowling, lawn tennis and football clubs. There were always practice matches during the week. The football matches were witnessed by about 80,000 people during the winter. The Eastern oval was used also during the year for sports, &c. Charles Stewart, a member of the committee of the cricket club, and president of the South Ballarat Football Club, gave similar evidence.[5]

The hotel was closed by the Licensing Court in 1891 as part of the Local Option process. The magistrates did not have any problems in closing this hotel:

In regard to the Pavilion Hotel, on the Eastern Oval, his Honor said there was no accommodation for travellers provided there. No hardship would be indicted by closing the place, as the cricket club and other recognised clubs could when necessary obtain licences to sell liquor to their members. On special occasions, such as days on which football matches were held, temporary licences could be granted by the local licensing magistrates.[6]

The owners, the Cricket Club, were paid £200 compensation for the closure of the business and the publican £150.[2][7]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

The hotel was the venue for monthly meetings of the Comus Club in 1877.[8]

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References[edit | edit source]

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