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Perserverance Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Main Road
Known dates 1867-1878

The Perseverance Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1867-1878>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Main Street, Ballarat.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

It is possible that this later became the Perseverance Temperance Hotel, in Main Road in 1888, operated by George Truscott.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

In 1867 there was a disturbance in the bar of the hotel:

THREATENING LANGUAGE.—James Dafter was charged with having used threatening language to the landlord of the Perseverance hotel, Main street. It appeared that the landlord and the prisoner had a quarrel, and one witness described both as being on the floor praying for all sorts of curses to fall from Heaven on each other. It appeared further that the prisoner had been drinking in the landlord's house. The case was dismissed as one of arcades ambo (meaning two fools).[3]

In March 1873 there was an attempt to burn down the hotel:

SETTING FIRE TO THE PERSEVERANCE HOTEL.— Margaret Gleeson was charged with maliciously setting fire to the old Perseverance hotel, on the Buninyong road. Mr Salter appeared for the prosecution, which was a criminal one. The defendant said she knew nothing about the affair, and had no one to defend her. The case was adjourned till Monday.[4]

The Police Magistrate was unavailable at the next hearing, and Gleeson was remanded in custody for another week.[5] The main witness in the arson case was charged with perjury in April:

The Queen V Joseph Gorry, for wilful and corrupt perjury. The accused was recently plaintiff in a case in which he swore that a woman, named Margaret Gleeson, set fire to the Perseverance hotel, in which he resided, on the Buninyong road. Mr Gaunt, p.m., Mr Patterson (clerk of courts), Inspector Ryan, Senior-constable O'Niel, and other witnesses were called to prove that Gorry said he did not know who the woman was who set fire to the place. Margaret Gleeson swore that she went to bed early on the night of the fire, and did not leave her bed till seven o'clock in the morning. Her daughter corroborated this statement, Mr Salter, for the accused, asked for a remand, that he might produce witnesses. Accused was remanded for a week, being allowed bail, himself in L100, and two sureties of L50 each, but failing to find these, was committed to gaol. The court then, after a very long sitting, adjourned.[6]

Joseph Gorry, who was found guilty of perjury at the Circuit Court on Wednesday, was yesterday sentenced by his Honor Mr Justice Fellows to seven years' imprisonment with hard labor, six days of every month to be passed in solitary confinement. His Honor, in commenting upon the enormity of the prisoner's offence — laying a capital charge against an innocent woman (Mrs Gleeson) — said there was a very strong impression that Gorry had himself set fire to his house. The prisoner reasseverated his innocence, and said that it was Mrs Gleeson who set fire to the Perseverance hotel.[7]

In July 1873 this note appeared in the newspaper:

TO THE EDITOR OF THE STAR. SIR,—In Monday’s Star, in the report of the proceedings at the Town Police-court, I notice that it is stated, “An application by Jas. F. Martin to transfer his license for the Perseverance hotel to Mary Martin was granted.” I am the landlord of the hotel named, and I know nothing of the matter 16th July, 1873. JAMES F. MARTIN.[8]

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