Peter McLean

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Peter McLean
Occupation Publican
Years active 1862-1863
Known for Kingston Hotel
Home town Kingston

Peter McLean was a publican in Kingston, Victoria, <1862-1863>.

History[edit | edit source]

McLean held the license for the Kingston Hotel, at Kingston in June 1862.[1]

In June 1862 his attempt to get to Kingston was reported in the newspaper:

"Mr and Mrs McLean of the Kingston Hotel, got bogged yesterday, and broke the bar of their buggy, in attempting to cross the celebrated pitched crossing in Spring Gully. Mr McLean had to leave his wife in the vehicle and wade through the sludge to return to Creswick for assistance. With the help of three men and a fresh horse, the lady and buggy were extricated from our famous crossing. Had they not been strangers in the district they would never have tried it."[2]

His license was renewed in June 1863.[3]

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