Pioneer Hotel

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There was also a Pioneer Hotel at Durham Lead.
Pioneer Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Cnr. Humffray Street and Princes Street
Closed 1873-1891
Known dates 1873-1891

The Pioneer Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat East, Victoria, <1873-1891.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Humffray Street[1] on the corner with Princes Street.[2]

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History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was offered for sale in April 1881:

TUESDAY, 12th APRIL, At twelve o'clock. On the premises, Conway's Pioneer Hotel, Humffray To Hotelkeepers, Speculators, Investors, and others. SALE BY AUCTION OF CONWAY'S PIONEER HOTEL. FREEMAN and ASHBEE have been favored with with instructions from Mrs Conway (who is retiring from business), to sell by public auction, on the premises. That well-known, long-established, and faithfully built hostelry, CONWAY'S PIONEER HOTEL, corner of Humffray and Prince's streets. The house contains eleven well-appointed, lofty, and substantially-built rooms; handsome commodious bar, tastefully fitted with every requisite; large underground cellar, outbuildings, &c. The whole in first-class order and condition. The building is situated in one of the best thoroughfares in Ballarat; and, considering its proximity to some of the principal claims, and the large amount of traffic, cannot fail to realise an independency to the fortunate purchaser. Terms at sale. FREEMAN and ASHBEE, City Auction Rooms, Armstrong street[2]

There was an incident at the hotel in January 1884 which led to a number of charges being brought against a customer:

Albert M'Intyre was charged with making use of insulting behaviour in Humffray street on the 22nd instant. The evidence of Thomas Williams, landlord of the Pioneer hotel, William Michaelis, and Arthur O'Hara, showed that prisoner, who was under the influence of drink, conducted himself in a very riotous manner, and made use of very bad language in the bar of the Pioneer hotel, on the date mentioned. A witness, named James Lugg, called for the defence, gave corroborative evidence. Fined 40s with £1 1s costs, in default a month’s imprisonment.

Albert M'Intyre, previously dealt with, was then charged with assaulting Arthur O'Hara on the 19th instant. Complainant deposed that he was a boarder at the Pioneer hotel, Humffray street, and early on Saturday morning heard a noise in the yard. Witness, with Mr Williams and Mr Michaelis, went out and found defendant and another youth coming out of the stable. They were ordered off the premises, when they made use of very abusive language, and M'Intyre struck witness a severe blow on the ear with a atone, which rendered him insensible for a time. Thomas Williams, landlord of the Pioneer hotel, corroborated. The evidence of Senior-constable Johnston was also taken. Prisoner was sent to gaol for three months.

Another charge was also brought against M'Intyre of obtaining a bottle of whiskey from Thomas Williams by false pretences. On this charge a remand for a week was ordered, in order that an important witness might be forthcoming.[3]

In March 1886 charges of Sunday trading against the publican, Elizabeth Monaghan were withdrawn on a technicality.[4]

The hotel's license was reviewed in June 1888 by the Licensing Court:

Pioneer hotel — John Dickman, licensee and owner. A one-storied wooden building, containing 13 rooms, lath and plastered, rather poorly furnished, but fairly well conducted; the business was chiefly a bar business, with an average of six beds per week; it had a three-stall stable...John Dickman, licensee and owner of the Pioneer hotel, stated that his house was surrounded by mining claims. Witness had four regular boarders, and let several beds to travellers every night.[5]

It was one of the 40 hotels closed in 1891 in Ballarat East as part of the changes to licensing laws.[6][7]

The owners were paid £300 compensation for the closure of the business and the publican £250.[6][8]

In January 1893 it was reported that the building was used to sell summer drinks.[9]

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