Plantagenet Gold Mining Company

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Plantagenet Gold Mining Company
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Town Bulldog Diggings (now Illabarook.
Known dates 1864-1865
Google maps -37.826034, 143.642103

The Plantagenet Gold Mining Company was a mining company at Illabarook, Victoria, <1864-1865>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The company operated a mine at the Bulldog Diggings, later known as Illabarook, Victoria. The Bonzle Digital Atlas locates the mine at 37°49'33.7"S 143°38'31.6"E.[1]

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Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In March 1864, Charles Tull, a publican at Bulldog was declared insolvent. His assets, including shares in the Plantagenet mine were offered for sale:

SMYTHESDALE. SATURDAY, 12th MARCH. To Miners, Speculators, and Others. In the insolvent Estate of CHARLES TULL, Storekeeper, Bulldog. A. E. COHEN has received instructions from the Official Assignee, with consent of the Mortgagee, to sell by public auction on Saturday, 12th March, at the store lately occupied by Mr M. Cashmore, Brooke street. Smythesdale,...two 80th full working shares in the Plantagenet Gold Mining Company, Bull Dog, the property of the abovenamed insolvent....Sale to commence at two o'clock p.m. sharp. Terms-cash. No reserve. A E. COHEN, Auctioneer, &c, Brooke street, Smythesdale, and Sussex street. Linton.[2]

In June 1865 the company began a new shaft:

The Plantagenet Company has marked out a new shaft to the north-west of the old one, and more in a straight line between the Bulldog and the Young Australian shafts. Work is at present suspended for a while, the company, having hitherto been very plucky in doing a good deal of prospecting, at a cost of £2000.[3]

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