Plough Inn (Myrniong)

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Plough Inn
Plough Inn, 2018
Town Myrniong
Street Western Highway
Opened 1861
Known dates 1861-2018
Google maps 37.619058, 144.343768

The Plough Inn is a hotel in Myrniong, Victoria, <1861-2018>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel is on the old Western Highway, Myrniong, at 17 Main Street.[1]

Google Maps reference: -37.619058, 144.343768

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel opened in 1861, and the current bluestone building was erected after a fire in 1901.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In April 1877, Mrs. Walsh of the hotel, purchased land in Myrniong for £54 per acre, possibly the block on which the hotel was built.[2]

In January 1892, one of the hotel's employees died while working at the hotel:

A VERY sudden death occurred here on Tuesday at Mr. Kerr's Plough Inn. A young man whose name it transpires was George Smith, was employed at the hotel named as odd man. After partaking of a hearty meal on Tuesday he was assisting to remove the dishes from the table, as was his custom. On his arrival in the kitchen he was seen to lean against the door post, and when asked what was the matter he replied that he did not know, but as blood was running freely from his mouth and nostrils he was at once carried to his room. Here what remedies suggested themselves were applied, but without avail, and in less than fifteen minutes he was a corpse. Dr. Marr, of Ballan, was called in as soon as possible, but as it was a holiday telegraph communication was cut off, and caused delay, but when the doctor did arrive he pronounced life to be extinct. A post mortem examination was held on Wednesday by Drs. Marr and Vance, when the immediate cause of death was found to be the bursting of one of the main arteries of the lungs. The body of the unfortunate fellow was buried in the Greendale cemetery.[3]

In December 1898 the hotel license was valued at £47.[4]

In February 1901 the hotel was destroyed by a fire which started in the stables at the rear of the hotel:

A DISASTROUS fire occurred at Mr. John Foley's Plough hotel about mid-day on Saturday last, when the hotel, with nearly all its contents, together with the whole of the out-buildings, empty store house, and about 20 tons of hay, were completely destroyed. The fire originated in the stable, which was a long building running north and south, and as only a very narrow space divided the extreme north end from the back kitchen, the latter soon became ignited, the flames from Which spread with lightning rapidity to the main building. Very little water was available, consequently the large number of hands that gathered together could do very little against the fierce onrush of flames. Finding it was impossible to check the fire, several plucky fellows rushed into the building and succeeded in saving some pieces of furniture, but there was very little time to do this, as the building was levelled to the ground in less than half-an-hour after the fire was first seen. It was at one time feared that the post-office and Myrniong store, which are directly opposite, would be come ignited, as large ribbons of flame shot half way across the street, the heat from which was intense. Pieces of burning paper and other inflammable material were also carried by the wind in the direction of the post-office, but these were promptly extinguished before they did further damage. One of the saddest features in connection with the conflagration was the fact that 2 valuable horses belonging to a Mr. Tracey, who was travelling between Ballarat and Rockbank, and who had put up at the hotel to get his dinner, were roasted alive in the stable, every effort to get the poor animals out being futile. Mr. Foley has as yet no idea as to the extent of his loss, but it is very heavy, as none of the buildings were insured. The origin of the fire is unknown, but it is rumoured that a tramp whose mind was slightly unhinged, and who was seen in the stable, was the cause of the outbreak. So rapidly did the fire spread that only a few articles of furniture, and about £5 worth of spirits were saved. The premises destroyed included a 12 stall stable, work shop, cowhouse, store, and the hotel. Mr. Foley had just finished renovating the buildings, and had erected a new bar. The Mechanics' have granted the use of the Institute to Mr. Foley to store the few things he had saved from the fire. A heavy shower fell during the day, lessening the danger of fire spreading to adjoining paddocks.[5]

In August 1901 the publican, John Foley, applied for an extension of his temporary license while the hotel was being rebuilt:

John Foley, of Myrniong, was granted 3 months, license for temporary premises at Myrniong, during re-building of the Plough hotel. The P.M. told him to push on with the building, as no extension could be granted.[6]

In March 2000, the company running the hotel was put into voluntary liquidation.[7]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

  • In September 1867 the hotel was the venue for the annual general meeting of the Bacchus Marsh, Ballan, and Pentland Hills Agricultural Scoiety.[8]

The People[edit | edit source]

  • In April 1877 the publican was Mrs. Ryan.[2]
  • In December 1889, the publican, Mary Kerr, was granted a temporary license for the Myrniong Races on New Years Day.[9]
  • In January 1892 the publican was Mr. Kerr.[3]
  • In January 1892, George Smith was working as an odd job man.[3]
  • In August 1901 a temporary license was granted to John Foley during rebuilding works.[6]

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