Ploughmans' Arms Hotel

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Ploughman's Arms
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Town Ballarat
Closed 1914
Known dates 1881-1914

The Ploughman's Arms was a hotel in Ballarat, <1881-1914.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Ploughmans' Arms Hotel was in Sebastopol. Address given as Cherry Tree Road in 1893.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel was closed by the License Reduction Board in December 1914.[2] The owner and licensee, John Joseph Gaylor, was paid £300 compensation.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

In December 1889 a man was fined for assaulting the publican and her daughter:

Messrs Hughes, Dickinson, and Leckie, J’s.P., occupied the bench yesterday at the Sebastopol Police Court, when a number of cases emanating from over-indulgence in drink were dealt with. The business was commenced by John Cavanagh being called upon to answer a charge of assault, which was proved by the evidence of Mrs Ann Goodlet, licensee of the Ploughman’s Arms, in which she stated that accused forcibly demonstrated that his dignity was insulted by her refusal to serve him with drink owing to his being intoxicated, by striking her several times with a stick; fined 10s, and 5s 6d costs. Elizabeth Goodlett, daughter of the former witness, proved by similar evidence that defendant had also assaulted her, and defendant had to pay another 10s, and 7s 6d costs. lnspector Parkinson prosecuted, and Mr Pearson appeared for defendant.[3]

In April 1894 a man was fined for using offensive language in the hotel bar:

At the Sebastopol Police Court on Thursday, before Messrs Blyth and Hughes, J’s.P., William Williams, of Ross’ Creek, proceeded against Martin Maher, of the same place, for using abusive words in a public place. Mr Wanliss appeared for defendant. The alleged abusive words were used during a dispute in the bar of the Ploughman’s Arms hotel, and consisted of defendant calling plaintiff names in language more forcible than polite. Fined 5s, and 7s 6d costs.[4]

In September 1908 the publican's wife found one her neighbours had died:

FOUND DEAD. AN OLD SEBASTOPOL RESIDENT. Early yesterday morning, Mrs Taylor, wife of the licensee of the Ploughman's Arms Hotel, Sebastopol, reported to Senior-Constable M'Donald, that having missed Mrs Mary M'Gowan, she went to the latter’s home, and found that she had died in bed. After making enquiries, the senior-constable notified the coroner, who ordered an enquiry, which will be held by Mr Franklin, J.P., to-day. The deceased, who had been ailing for some time, was the mother of Mrs M'Carthy, of Smythesdale, and of the late Paddy M'Gowan, the well-known jockey.[5]

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