Port Phillip Hotel (Sturt Street)

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Port Phillip Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street South west cnr. Sturt and Armstrong Streets
Closed 1869
Known dates 1858-1869
Other names Clare Hotel
Port Phillip Club Hotel
Demolished November 1869

The Port Phillip Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1858-1869.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Port Phillip Hotel was on the corner of Sturt and Armstrong Streets, Ballarat. In 2023 it was the site of thew Myers store. It was offered for sale in 1863 and described as:

"The hotel contains 21 rooms, consisting of 2 bars, 3 sitting rooms, 14 bed rooms, dining room, billiard room, concert room, and three shops let to respectable tenants, kitchen, seven-stall stable &c."[1]

Another comment about the site in August 1861:

A new engineer has been engaged in the room of Mr Powning, the new officer being a Mr Ward formerly known in Ballarat as the manager of the machinery erected by the company who put down a shaft at the corner of Sturt and Armstrong streets, now occupied by the bar of the Port Phillip Hotel.[2]

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Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was offered for sale in September 1858:

FOR PRIVATE SALE, The Port Phillip (late Clare) Hotel, Sturt Street, Ballarat. THIS first class centrically situated property, is let for three and half years to a highly respectable tenant, and from the fact of its adjoining the new Theatre Royal must eventually become of immense value. Full particulars can be obtained on application to J. S. CARVER, Government Auctioneer, Ballarat.[3]

In November 1859 there was an enquiry into a fire at the hotel:

The inquest on the recent fire in Sturt street was resumed at the Port Phillip Hotel on Thursday, before the District Coroner, and a verdict returned to the effect, that the evidence did not inculpate the Messrs Williams Brothers in any way, nor clear up the mystery about the origin of the fire. Only one fresh witness was called, and the evidence only added to the mystery surrounding the business. The jury wished to include in their verdict a censure upon the unbusiness like manner in which the Insurance Company had conducted the enquiry, but the coroner rejected the proposition as irrelevant.[4]

In June 1862, George Roberts was gaoled for indecently exposing himself outside the hotel.[5]

In October 1862, Mary Ryan was charged with drunkenness and with breaking the hotel's windows:

DRUNKENNESS.-Mary Ryan, charged with drunkenness and breaking the windows of the Port Phillip Hotel, was fined 40s and 5s damages, or three days in gaol.[6]

In December 1866 the hotel hosted a billiard competition:

A billiard match was commenced at Tuckett's saloon, Port Phillip hotel, Sturt street, on Monday evening, for a handsome silver cup. The cup is the one that was given some years ago by the then lessees of the Theatre Royal for a racing event, and weighs 2 lbs 2 oz 8 dwt. There are thirty-eight members in all, and it is expected that the match will not be finished before Thursday night.[7]

In November 1869, the hotel building and adjacent shops were offered for sale to be removed from the site:

SATURDAY, 27th NOVEMBER. WITHOUT RESERVE, And to be Removed within seven days from day of sale, THE PORT PHILLIP HOTEL, AND SHOPS ADJOINING, Comprising the pile of Wooden Buildings at the junction of Sturt and Armstrong streets, Ballarat. JAS. ODDIE and CO. have received instructions from R. S. Mitchell Esq., to SUBMIT to PUBLIC COMPETITION, on Saturday, the 27th instant, on the Ground, at Twelve o'clock noon, The PORT PHILLIP HOTEL, with SHOPS adjoining, extending from the Theatre Royal, Sturt street, to the shop of Mr Allinson, Saddler, Armstrong street, with Stable at rear. Comprising enough material to Build a dozen Cottages. No Reserve.[8]

In November 1869 works were underway on a new building on the site:

Messrs Cowland and Co. have entered into a contract with Mr R. S. Mitchell to excavate and build stone walls of a basement story on the site of the present Port Phillip hotel. The intended basement will be 45 feet wide, and reach from the Theatre Royal to within 15 feet of the three-storied shops in Armstrong street, adjoining the Stork hotel. Mr H. R. Caselli is the architect, and the amount of the contract is in round figures £1300. The. contractors have undertaken to finish the basement in 15 weeks’ time, after which the superstructure will be proceeded with, but as yet it has not been decided whether the corner will be occupied by a large hotel or mercantile establishment. We hear that Mr Mitchell has received offers from several leading, soft goods firms, but nothing definite has yet been resolved on[9]
“The excavations for Mr. R. S. Mitchell’s new building on the site of the late Port Phillip Hotel, in Sturt street, have progressed well, and there is a big deep chasm made, laying bare the basalt rock over a great part of the base. Under-pinning the wall of the Theatre Royal has to be done, and trenches have been opened for commencing that part of the work. The works being, executed and yet to be done in connection with the erection of the superstructure will be heavy, for the area to be covered is nearly or quite as large as the Town Hall site on the opposite corner; and the elevation will be as high for the most part.”[10]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

  • 27 August 1860; the Ballarat Horticultural Society held its Annual General Meeting at the hotel.[11]

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References[edit | edit source]

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