Preston's Hill Hotel

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Preston's Hill Hotel
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Town Preston's Hill
Known dates 1861-1862

Preston's Hill Hotel was a hotel at Preston's Hill, Victoria, <1861-1862>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was at Preston's Hill, between Carngham and Snake Valley.[1]

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History[edit | edit source]

In November 1862, Dunne and several other district publicans were fined 40s with 5s costs for having an unlicensed bagatelle table. He took out a license for the table at the end of the court hearing. At the same hearing he was charged by a man who claimed he had not been paid for work:

Charles Stewart v David Dunne, work £12 11s 6d; Mr Stoker for the plaintiff. The defendant pleaded a set-off for goods supplied. The plaintiff deposed that he was hired by the defendant on the 25th August, and worked for fifteen days. The agreement was for 12s per day ; eight hours' labor being specified. Received a cheque for £5, which was to be divided with another man who was employed on the same work. Received no further payment The bargain was made by the plaintiff before he commenced work, who agreed to pay for overtime at the same rate. To the defendant -The agreement was by the day. I lodged at your -house for 10 days, and brought no other man with me. I never received money from you during my illness, and never agreed to be responsible for stores supplied to another man. Further examined - Lodged at the plaintiff's house for 10 days, and agreed to pay £1 per week. Received no goods from the defendant. Went to the hospital after the work was done, and sent no one to defendant for money or goods.
The defendant deposed that he engaged the plaintiff who applied to him for work. Made no agreement as to wages. The plaintiff stayed at his place for 10 days, when he complained that the charges were too high, and left. The plaintiff when in the hospital sent his mate for money and stores, which he supplied. To the plaintiff's attorney- I paid the plaintiff £5, and paid Mr Milne £2 for taking him to the hospital. Paid Mr Milne £37 14s by a cheque and the difference between this amount and Mr Milne's bill for £52 15s was for board and lodging. The plaintiff worked for fifteen half days. The cheque for £5 was for the plaintiff's own use. I have not paid the other man any money except £1 and 10s. The Bench was of opinion that there was collusion between the plaintiff and his mate, and that there was no doubt that the money and goods supplied by the defendant was on their joint account; case struck out.[2]

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