Prince's Hotel

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Prince's Hotel
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Town Buninyong
Known dates 1883-1908

Prince's Hotel was a hotel in Buninyong, <1883-1908>.

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The hotel was in Buninyong.[1]

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History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was considered for closure by the Licensing Court in May 1908:

PRINCE’S HOTEL, BUNINYONG. Owner, Ballarat Brewing Company. Mr J. B. Pearson appeared for the licensee. William Drew, hotel broker, said the Prince’s hotel was in the town of Buninyong; was built of wood and brick. It had seven bedrooms, two parlors, storeroom, stable, etc. There was a frontage of 32 feet. He thought he could have sold the hotel, including the goodwill, for £550. The main building, delicensed, would be worth £90, stable £10, and land £20. As a licensed house he thought the hotel should bring a rental of £52 per annum. If the license were taken away, it would be difficult to get a tenant, carrying on a different class of business. Frank Besemeres, auctioneer, said the capital value of the hotel on the 23rd November, 1907 was £585. As an hotel, £58 10s per annum was, in his opinion, a fair rental. He would be prepared to lend £300 to a person desirous of purchasing the hotel. James Tulloch (Coghlan and Tulloch) had known the hotel since 1883, and the license had never been withdrawn. James Millington, manager of the Ballarat Brewing Company, said the house was destroyed by fire and insured for £520 in the London and Lancashire Office. An amount of £470 was paid by way of adjustment. An architect had given an estimate of £600 to rebuild the hotel. To comply with the Act, and give sufficient accommodation to obtain the same rent, he thought they could have an hotel erected at a cost of £500.[1]

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