Prince Alfred Hotel (Clunes)

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Prince Alfred Hotel
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Town Clunes
Street Bailey Street
Known dates 1876-1916
Demolished Destroyed by fire, June 1915

The Prince Alfred Hotel was a hotel in Clunes, <1876-1915.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Bailey Street, Clunes.[1][2]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In March 1880, a wedding guest who was drunk threatened a policeman with an axe:

Senior-constable Nolan ran the risk of having his career cut suddenly short on Thursday night, when he cleverly succeeded in capturing a desperate rowdy named Grosse, who, armed with an axe and inflamed with liquor, was threatening to cut down any and every one he could see. The offender had been one of a wedding party, and drank so much that he became like a maniac. He cleared the Prince Alfred hotel of its male inmates, and so frightened the females that their screams brought the senior-constable to the spot. There he found Grosse, who at once rushed at him with axe uplifted, and but for the officer's quickness, pluck, and presence of mind, that moment might have been his last. The senior-constable, however, without a moment's hesitation, rushed in at his antagonist, grasped him by the throat with one hand, while simultaneously he caught the handle of the descending axe with the other. Having, with some difficulty, been disarmed, Grosse was conveyed by the senior constable to the lock-up, and, next morning, made his appearance before the mayor, who stated that, had the prisoner been brought up on another charge, the case would have had to be sent for trial. Prisoner was fined 5s for drunkeness, and 40s for his threatening behaviour. The fines were paid.[3]

A hotel resident died in April 1900;

A very sudden death occurred last evening to an old resident named Mr. Joseph Lees, aged 68, living at the Prince Alfred Hotel. He was sitting reading a paper, when the servant heard a fall, and on running into the room found Mr, Lees lying dead on the floor. A post mortem revealed that death was due to heart disease.[4]

The hotel was destroyed in by a fire on 19 June 1915:

HOTEL DESTROYED BY FIRE. The Prince Alfred hotel, in Bailey street, owned and occupied by Mr P. Hecker, was totally destroyed by fire about 3.30 on Saturday morning. The fire-the origin of which is unknown--is supposed to have broken out in the front portion of the building, and aided by the wind, the flames were rapidly carried through to the rear. The building contained 12 rooms. The contents of the bar and a piano were uninsured. The building was insured in the London, Liverpool and Globe for £450, and the furniture in the same company for £110.[2]

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