Prince of Wales Hotel (Humffray Street)

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Prince of Wales Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Humffray Street
Closed 1891
Known dates 1857-1891

The Prince of Wales Hotel was in Ballarat East, Victoria, <1857-1891.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Prince of Wales in Humffray Street, Ballarat.[1] The 1861 map shows the hotel on the north east corner of Mair Street.[2] This is currently the Ballarat Leagues Club.

Background[edit | edit source]

There were at least 10 hotels in Ballarat using the name "Prince of Wales".[3] This makes it difficult to be sure which references are to which hotel.

This page is about the Prince of Wales Hotel in Humffray Street, Ballarat East. In June 1888 it was described as a two-storey wooden building with 14 rooms.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was offered for sale in May 1857:

For Unreserved Sale by Auction. The Prince of Wales Hotel. A. P. BOWES is favored with instructions from Mr A. J. Duncombe, to offer by public auction, on Monday, 11th May, That really valuable property, known as The Prince of Wales Hotel. Situated on the Black Hill Flat, together with Furniture, Stock-in-Trade, &c. The Hotel occupies a frontage of 67 feet to the main road leading to the Caledonian and several of the best paying leads in the District of Ballarat ; is well and substantially built with wood, having a galvanized iron roof. The Prince of Wales lead passes within a few yards of the Hotel, and the claims already marked are upwards of thirty in number. Adjoining the Hotel there is a first-rate Store, 28 x 20, with two large glass windows in front, capable of doing a good business. The interior of the hotel contains the bar, two parlors, six bedrooms, elegantly furnished, and the floors covered with oil cloth ; a store-room and kitchen with bedroom attached. The Yard is spacious, and the accommodations very superior, having stabling for eight horses, hay shed, piggeries, fowl house, and other convenient out-buildings, all fenced in. The auctioneer would beg to remind intending purchasers that the Hotel and Store will be sold together, in one lot ; and the furniture, stock-in-trade, &c., &c, will be put up in lots to suit purchasers, without the slightest reserve. Further particulars can be obtained from the auctioneer.[5]

The hotel still for sale in June 1857:

THE PRINCE OF WALES HOTEL. BROWN HILL FLAT. On the Main Road to the finest Farming District in the colony, viz., Bullarook Forest, and within a few yards of the Richest Lead on Ballarat. THE House is beautifully finished, and very commodious, having bar, parlor, bagatelle room, and seven bed-rooms, kitchen, stables, outhouses, &c. ; together with first-rate store, suitable for a good retail business. To any industrious party, this is an opportunity seldom equalled for realising a handsome fortune in a very short time. For particulars apply to M'NAUGHT, BOYD. & Co., Corner of Armstrong and-Mair streets, Ballarat.[6]

In September 1861 the police accused publican Thomas Hunt with abandoning the hotel:

In the case of Police v Thomas Redshaw Hunt, Mr Cuthbert said he had no wish for postponement, as he would be able to prove that on the 12th instant, the time when the information was dated, his client, who was landlord of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Humffray street, had not abandoned his premises. Two constables were put in the box, and both failed to substantiate the charge. Upon this Mr sub-inspector Downing confessed his inability to prove the statement; dismissed; Mr Cuthbert applied for costs. (Laughter.)[7]

The hotel's license was reviewed by the Licensing Court in June 1888:

Prince of Wales hotel— W. A. Jenkins, licensee; Thomas Waitley, owner. An old two-storied wooden building, with 14 rooms, principally a bar business; also an average of four beds per night; well conducted and fairly well furnished; stabling attached...The coal gears were at the rear of the Prince of Wales hotel...William A. Jenkins, licensee of the Prince of Wales’ hotel, stated that that house had been established for 30 years, and did a large business with travellers by rail and others. The average number of beds let was seven or eight per night. Charles Wallis, ironmonger’s assistant, and Thomas Waitley (owner) gave evidence. The latter stated that Mr Jenkins had a lease of the hotel, or he would be able to obtain now twice the rent.[4]

It was one of the 40 hotels closed in 1891 in Ballarat East as part of the changes to licensing laws.[8][9] The owners were paid £976 compensation for the closure of the business.[8]

After the hotel closed, William A. Jenkins continued the business as a wine store.[10] He was charged with sly grog selling several times. In November 1893, he was fined £25 with £6 6s costs for sly grog selling, after supplying alcohol to an undercover revenue officer. Certain types of alcohol and utensils were confiscated.[11]

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