Princess Royal Hotel (Buninyong)

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Princess Royal Hotel
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Town Buninyong
Closed 1808
Known dates 1861-1908

The Princess Royal Hotel was a hotel in Buninyong, Victoria, <1861-1908.

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The Princess Royal Hotel was in Buninyong.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In September 1887 the publican, David Parry Mustow was charged with Sunday trading. At the hearing, the judge criticized the police for their investigation:

At the licensing court to-day, Judge Casey, in dismissing a case of Sunday trading, allowed £3 14s costs, and spoke in strong terms regarding the action of the police in the prosecution of David Mustow, landlord of the Princess Royal Hotel, Buninyoug, for alleged Sunday trading. The solicitor for the defence showed that on the Sunday in question the only person who had been served with a glass of ale was a boarder.[2]

Mr J. P. Mustow, the licensee of the Princess Royal hotel, was proceeded against at the Licensing Court yesterday on a charge of Sunday trading. Inspector Parkinson prosecuted, and Mr Pearson appeared for the defence. Senior-constable Molyneux gave evidence to the effect that he visited the defendant’s place in company with Constable Fogarty. They found four men in the bar parlor, in front of one of whom was a glass of beer, and there were also two empty glasses, which had contained beer. The men in the room stated that they were boarders, but the witness knew that that was not the ease. In reply to witness’ question, the landlord said he did not keep a bedbook, so that he could not show they were lodgers. Frank Graham, one of those in the room, deposed that he had gone in to talk about football with the landlord, Mr Mustow. The witness had no drink, and Jacob Neave, a lodger, was the only one who had any drink. Similar evidence was given by Jacob Neave and by the licensee. His Honor Judge Casey, chairman of the court, thought the case should never have been brought before them. It was a pity that police constables should be going about the country to get up such cases. To mark the disapproval of the court the case would be dismissed, and £3 12s costs awarded against the licensing inspector.[3]

In May 1908 the hotel was included on a list of 47 hotels to be delicensed by the License Reduction Board.[4] The following information was presented at the hearing:

Princess Royal hotel, Buninyong:- Owners, Ballarat Brewing Co.; licensee, Simon Turbridy. Mr J. B. Pearson appeared for the licensee, whoso case was dealt with, the owner’s application having been dealt with on the previous day. Wm. A. Drew said that the licensee paid £162 for the ingoing. This included £60 for furniture. The rental was 17s 6d a week. He estimated the average takings of the licensee to be £8 per week. Simon Turbridy said he had kept books concerning his purchases, but they were alh destroyed in the fire. He kept his wife, family and two servant girls out of the business. His financial position’was about the same now as when he went into the hotel. He lost £17 in gold and notes in the fire. Decision was reserved in each case.[5]

The hotel was delicensed by the License Reduction Board in May 1908 after a fire had burnt the hotel. The owner was paid £138 in compensation and the licensee, £36.[6]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

  • In March 1890, the Buninyong Board of Advice held a meeting at the hotel.[7]

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