Pyrenees Hotel

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Pyrenees Hotel
Lexton Pyrenees Family Hotel.JPG
Pyrenees Hotel, 2017
Town Lexton
Known dates 1858-2017
Other names Burnbank Inn (1846)

The Pyrenees Hotel was a hotel in Lexton, Victoria, <1858-2017>.


The hotel was in Lexton.[1]



The hotel was offered for lease in September 1858:

TO LET, for such term of years as may be agreed upon The Pyrenees Hotel at Lexton, (Burnbank.) The above hotel is doing a first-rate old established business, and has been recently enlarged, by the addition of a handsome and commodious two storey brick building, replete with every convenience, and elegantly furnished. The tenant will have to take the furniture at a valuation. Apply to Alexander Kelly, Auctioneer, and Commission Agent, next Bath's Hotel, Ballarat ; or MR ALEXANDER WEIR, Pyrenees Store, Lexton.[2]

In June 1859 the publican failed to appear in court after being ordered debts. The creditors wanted to take action against the owner of the hotel to recover their money:

Bauer v Clapperton and others-£24 6s goods. Mr Randall for plaintiff. Action for goods supplied to the proprietors of an hotel at Lexton. Mr Randall read a letter from defendant Clapperton consenting to the claim with costs ; but defendant had not paid the money nor replied to a letter sent to him in reference thereto. The bailiff of the Court proved service of subpoena on the defendant Twiss, and payment of conductmoney. Consent by Twiss was also put in. Mr Kelly, auctioneer, proved defendant Clapperton's handwriting, and said Clapperton was the proprietor of the Pyrenees Hotel, at Lexton, and Twiss was the licensee. He knew nothing of the partnership. His Honor held that the case was clear as against Twiss, but that Clapperton's consent was not a legal recognition of liability ; as there was no admission by Clapperton of partnership, but simply a promise made to pay a claim made on Twiss. Mr Randall pressed for the exercise of the powers of the Court on Twiss who had disobeyed the summons of the Court. His Honor-I suppose Twiss is a man of straw ? Mr Randall-Yes your honor. His Honor-You should proceed against him under Jervis's Act. The Act says that "after conviction" the recusant is to be punished. This Court has no power as yet though it would be better if it had perhaps. You are entitled to your judgment against Twiss. Mr Randall would rather not have judgment against him, but that the case be adjourned. His Honor-I regret I have no power to convict him for contempt, but you had better proceed in the regular way. The defendant Twiss was then called on his subpeana, and failing to appear the Clerk made an entry therof on the register of the Court. The further trial of the case was then adjourned pro forma till Tuesday next with costs.[3]

Community Involvement[edit]

  • In July 1914 the Shire of Lexton celebrated its jubilee, with a dinner at the hotel[4]

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