Queen's Head Hotel (Humffray Street)

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Queen's Head Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Humffray Street
Known dates 1862-2024

The Queens Head Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, 1862-2024.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Queens Head Hotel is at 146 Humffray Street North.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel began in 1862. The existing building was put up in 1907.[2]

The hotel's license was reviewed by the Licensing Court in June 1888:

Queen’s Head hotel—Thomas Boulter, licensee; Mr Tulloch, owner. A wooden building of 10 rooms, six lath and plastered; when visited it was undergoing repairs; fairly well furnished, well conducted, doing principally a bar trade...Thomas Boulter, licensee of the Queen’s Head hotel, and William Tulloch, owner, deposed to the business and accommodation of that hotel.[3]

There was a serious brawl at the hotel in February 1906:

The attention of the Ballarat East magistrates was occupied for a considerable time on Thursday hearing evidence concerning a disturbance said to have taken place on 17th inst. at the Queen's Head Hotel, Humffray Street. The complainants were Patrick and Bridget Power, who charged Robert Neil, Alexander Govern and Thomas Brain, with assault, using obsence language and damaging property. Messrs. Clark and Mark Lazarus were the counsel engaged. The disturbance, while it lasted, was, according to the evidence of the complainants, of a very exciting character. A jug of beer was spilled over Patrick Power by one of the defendants, while he was endeavoring to defend the former against the invaders. He was next dragged by the hair of the head into an open space in the bar, where he was kicked and beaten with a shillelah. Bridget Power, armed with a stick, went to the rescue of her husband, and succeeded in beating off his assailants. Both sough refuge in the bar parlor, but followed by the intruders. Another combat ensued, and finally Power's clothes were torn into shreds, while the blouse worn by Mrs. Power was practically converted into ribbons. The beer pumps in the bar were broken and tumblers fell in all directions. Mrs. Power said the whole trouble was due to her husband asking who was to pay for the drinks. Defendants denied the statements of Mr. and Mrs Power. The whole trouble was, they said due to the erratic behavior of Power. The bench found it difficult to decide which side was at fault, and dismissed the case.[4]

The hotel burned down in March 1907:

Fire at Ballarat. SENSATIONAL INCIDENTS. Ballarat, Monday. Two fires occurred at Ballarat early this morning. The first was at the Queen's Head Hotel, a weatherboard building in Ballarat East. The fire was caused by a lighted candle setting fire to the curtains, and it was only with difficulty that the children were saved...The hotel and furniture were insured for L350...[5]

In February 1916 the publican, Michael Fiscalini was fined £5 for having the bar door open during prohibited hours.[6]

Fiscalini was fined again in August 1917:

In the Ballarat East court Michael Fiscalini, of the Queen's Head Hotel, was fined 40/ on a charge of having sold beer to a boy under the age of sixteen years. Elizabeth Nugent, who had sent the boy for the beer, was fined 2/6.[7]

The hotel was robbed in February 1920 by James Sydney Spencer. It was alleged he had taken £23 belonging to the licensee, Michael Fiscalini.[8]

The publican was in court with multiple charges in October 1925:

At the city court on Tuesday Charles Lang, licensee of the Queen's Head Hotel, was fined £3 with 5/ costs, for permitting persons on the premises during prohibited hours on Sunday, 20th September. A charge of disposing of liquor was dismissed. The same defendant pleaded guilty to charges of permitting persons on the premises, failing to have all doors closed during prohibited hours, and illegally disposing of liquor on 26th September. Fines of £1, £5 and £2 were imposed on the respective charges.[9]

The publican was one of several in Ballarat who had their license renewals challenged by the Licensing Inspector in December 1932:

"...granted after evidence tendered regarding police suspicions of betting had been considered. In the case of the Queen's Head Hotel the chairman (Mr. R. Barr) said that the Court was not very favourably impressed with the evidence of the licensee, Sidney Fsaiias who had not been as candid as the Court would like. Decision was reserved."[10]

In December 1941, the publican, Edmund Francis O'Keefe, was fined £3 for allowing people on the premises during prohibited hours.[11] He was again in trouble eight months later:

Edmund Francis O'Keefe. licensee of the Queen's Head Hotel, Humffray st, Ballarat East, was fined £10 by the city court bench yesterday for unlawful disposal of liquor on August 22.[12]

In July 1950 an application was made to transfer the licence:

APPLICATION for TRANSFER of LICENCE - I, Nora Walsh Cole, the holder of a Victualler's Licence for Queens Head Hotel at Humffray st., Ballarat in the Ballarat Licensing District and Queens Head Hotel Proprietary Limited of Queens Head Hotel Humffray st., Ballarat hereby give notice that we will APPLY to the Licensing Court at Melbourne on the seventh day of August 1950 for the TRANSFER of the said LICENCE to the said Queens Head Hotel Proprietary Limited with Edward James Hennessy as nominee. Dated 20th day of July 1950 N. W. COLES, Transferor. The common seal of Queens Head Hotel Proprietary Limited was hereunto affixed by order of the board of directors in the presence of E. J. HENNESSY, Director. E. S. HENNESSY, Director-Secretary. I, Edward James Hennessy, consent to hold the above mentioned licence as nominee on behalf of Queens Head Hotel Proprietary Limited. E. J. HENNESSY, Transferee. T. E. Byrne & Co of Lydiard st., Ballarat solicitors for the transferor and EARLY & CO Hotel Brokers, Lydiard st Ballarat Telephone 868.[13]

In October 2016 the publican, Jason Tuohy, was evicted after a long running argument with the hotel's owners.[14] The roof in the dining room had been leaking, and caused the ceiling to collapse. Rather than repair the roof, the owners gave Tuohy notice to quit. The hotel closed on 26 October 2016.

In February 2017 the hotel reopened with a new publican, Dean Boyd, who had been running the hotel's drive through bottle shop for three years.[15]

The hotel was sold in 2020 for $780,000. The tenants extensively restored the building in 2022 and it was offered for sale in September 2023 for $2,000,000. The current tenants also operate the Royal Oak Hotel in South Street.[16]

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