Raglan Hotel (Daylesford)

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Raglan Hotel
Raglan Hotel, c.1911, (State Library of Victoria)
Town Daylesford
Known dates 1900 - 1932
Other names Jamieson's Hotel
Evidence Building still standing
Google maps -37.3400924,144.1459734

The Raglan Hotel was a hotel in Daylesford, Victoria, <1900-1932>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Daylesford.[1][2] The hotel was on the south east corner of Raglan Street and Camp Street, Google Map Reference:-37.3400924,144.1459734

Map[edit | edit source]

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Background[edit | edit source]

Jamieson's Hotel was on the site prior to the Raglan Hotel.[3]

History[edit | edit source]


The hotel was desrcribed in the Weekly Times in December 1900:

THE RAGLAN HOTEL. Mr George Victor is the proprietor of the Raglan, one of the handsomest, most commodious and conveniently-situated hotels in Daylesford. It is on the road from the railway station, with an excellent view of the town and its environs, and it is built in the latest and most approved style. Spacious verandahs and balconies running around the main building ensure coolness within, and the furnishing and equipment of the hotel throughout are of the best order. Good ales and spirits, a first-rate table, and civility and attention to patrons are the recommendations that the Raglan puts forth, and in a town which is remarkable for the excellent standard of its houses of accommodation, this hotel certainly does not take a back row.[4]

In September 1932 the hotel was one of four hotels in the district to be threatened with having their licenses removed for not being sewered:

Sanitation of hotels at tourist resorts is regarded by the Licensing Court as of the greatest importance. Mr V. Tanner, a member of the Court made this clear at a sitting of the Court yesterday, during a discussion of notices which were sent to the owners of the Commercial, Raglan, and Victoria Hotels, at Daylesford, and the Hepburn Hotel, at Hepburn, calling upon them to show cause why their licences should not be revoked for having failed to install sewerage systems. The Court was informed that the owners of the Commercial and Victoria hotels were prepared to install septic tanks before Christmas, and the cases were adjourned. The Court granted the owner of the Raglan Hotel an adjournment of six months to enable him to raise the necessary money for the installation. The notice against the Hepburn hotel was adjourned until November.[5]

The People[edit | edit source]

Mr J. G. Victor, the highly esteemed proprietor of the Raglan hotel, Daylesford, died on Thursday at the age of 68 years. He had been a resident for 25 years, and was one of the founders of the local bowling club, of which he was secretary for some time.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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