Railway Hotel (Ballan)

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Railway Hotel
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Town Ballan
Street Fisken Street
Opened January 1885
Known dates 1885-1895

The Railway Hotel was a hotel in Ballan, Victoria, 1885-1895>

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Fisken Street, Ballan.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was built by Richard Shillito and opened in January 1885. The license was transferred from the old Carriers' Arms Hotel by Frederick Lee, then immediately transferred to Shillito:

"...he (Frederick Lee) built a hotel and store known as the Carrier's Arms, the license for which was retained until a few years back, when it was sold to the late Mr. Richard Shillitto, and transferred to the house in Fisken St. now known as the Railway hotel.[2]

The adjourned licensing meeting was held in Ballan on Thursday, before Messrs. Shuter, P.M., and P. Cantwell, J.P., to hear the application of Frederic Lee for the removal of his publican's license from the Carriers' Arms hotel, corner of the Ballarat and Daylesford roads, to a house in Flsken street, Ballan. This application had been postponed from the 24th ult., as the house to which it was proposed to remove the license was in an unfinished state. On this occasion Sergeant Murphy reported that the house was in perfect order, having been finished inside by the owner, Mr. R. Shillito, in a most complete and satisfactory manner. The application for removal was therefore granted, and Mr. Lee then applied for a transfer of the license from himself to Mr. Shillito, which was also granted. As the new licensee is a very old resident of the district, and, with his family, is much respected, no doubt he will do a fair amount of business in his new house.[1]

In December 1886, Richard Shillito applied to transfer the license:

Notice of intention to apply for a transfer of Victualler's License. To the Licensing Court for the Licensing District of South Ballan. I, THE undersigned, RICHARD SHILLITO, being the holder of a Publican's License for the Hotel and premises known as the Railway Hotel, situate at Ballan, do hereby give you notice that it is my intention to apply to you at Ballan, on the 22nd day of December, 1886, to transfer the said license to the undersigned, John Shillito, for the residue of the term between this date the end of the year. Given under my hand this 6th day of December, 1886. RICHARD SHILLITO. Witness--SY COOPER. I, the undersigned, JOHN SHILLITO, hereby apply for the transfer of the said License. JOHN SHILLITO. Witness-SY. COOPER. Dated this 6th day of December, 1886.[3]

John Shillito applied for the license at the same hearing:

Notice of Application for a Victualler's License I, JOHN SHILLITO, of the Railway Hotel, Ballan, do hereby give notice that I desire to obrain, and will, at the sitting of the Licensing Court for the Licensing District of South Ballan, to be holden at Ballan on the 22nd day of December, 1886, apply for a certificate authorising the issue of a VICTUALLER'S LICENSE for premises situate at Ballan, containing six rooms, exclusive of those required for the use of my family and servants. Dated the 6th day of December, One thousand Eight hundred and Eighty-six. JOHN SHILLITO[3]

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