Railway Hotel (Beaufort)

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For other hotels with the same or similar names, see Railway Hotel.
Railway Hotel
Railway Hotel, 2008
Town Beaufort
Known dates 1884-1915
Evidence Building still standing

The Railway Hotel was a hotel in Beaufort, <1884-1915>.


The hotel was in Beaufort.[1]



During the license hearing in December 1914 it was noted there was a falling off in trade:

A renewal of the license of the Railway Hotel, Beaufort, to C. H. Dancocks was granted, the assessment being the same as formerly. Questioned as to the reason for a falling off in the trade at this house, the Licensing Inspector (Supt. Bennett) said the only reason he could give was that the mining industry here was not as flourishing as last year.[2]

Community Involvement[edit]

The People[edit]

  • In December 1884, the license was granted to William Loft.[3]
  • In December 1914, C. H. Dancocks had his license renewed.[2]
  • In December 1915, John Liddle had his license renewed.[1]

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