Railway Hotel (Creswick)

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Railway Hotel
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Town Creswick
Street Victoria Street
Opened 1871
Closed 30 June 1916
Known dates 1871-1916

The Railway Hotel was a hotel in Creswick, Victoria, 1871-1916.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Creswick.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel was opened in 1871 by Mrs. Amelia Roberts, who was still licensee when she died in May 1914.[2] The hotel was one of six in the Creswick district closed by the License Reduction Board in 1916.[3]

The hotel became a hostel after World War Two, for Dutch migrants. The hotel has since been demolished.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

In 1882 an incident at the hotel received national attention:

MURDEROUS ASSAULT AT CRESWICK. Great excitement prevailed at Creswick on Monday night through the circulation of a rumour to the effect that a murder had been committed close to the local railway station. Many persons rushed off to the locality mentioned for the purpose of ascertaining whether there was any truth in the exciting report. Upon inquiry, anxious persons found that the grave crime of murder had not been committed, but that a serious case of stabbing had occurred. From what our reporter could learn it appears that about 8 o'clock last night, two miners named Castles and Gilbert aged respectively about 26 and 10 years, were standing in the bar of the Railway Hotel, of which Mr. John Roberts is the proprietor. During conversation a dispute arose, and Castles got very much out of temper. In the heat of the moment grasped a tumbler from the bar counter and attempted to strike Gilbert with it, when some persons interfered, and took the glass from him. This act had the effect of increasing Castles' wrath, and without the slightest hesitation he drew a knife from his pocket and stabbed Gilbert over the left breast, in the region of the heart. The unfortunate man cried out that he had been stabbed, and as the wound was bleeding profusely, the police were at once communicated with. In a very short space of time Sergeant Moran and Constables Curtain and Kissane arrived upon the scene. As the police considered Gilbert's condition extremely dangerous, they arrested Castles, and subsequently conveyed Gilbert to the residence of Dr. Lindsay. The medical gentleman, upon examination, pronounced the would, which was nearly an inch in depth, to be of a serious character. Last night, at a late hour, Gilbert was still bleeding profusely from the chest. Castles, who is a single man, is stated to have been rather loose in his habits; but Gilbert, on the other hand, is reported to be an extremely steady man. He is married, but has no family.— Ballarat Star[5]

The hotel's license was reviewed by the Creswick Licensing Court in January 1916.[1] Evidence was heard in February 1916:

The railway hotel was the last, to be dealt with. The owners are the Misses A. E. and L. Roberts, and the licensee Mrs E. J. Warner, Mr Pearson representing them. Senior Constable Stevenson, after giving details of the building, etc., said the hotel was well conducted. In his opinion it was not required. It was of no use to railway passengers. To Mr Pearson: There was no other hotel on the western side of the town. W. P. Northcott and Arthur B. Grose gave evidence in support of the hotel being retained, speaking of it having been well conducted, and it would be inconvenient to residents in the locality if closed. John Mullins, farmer, Graham's Hill, said he and other farmers stabled their horses at the hotel when travelling by train. Annie Emily Roberts, one of the owners, supplied details of the business transacted, and the class of trade. She had been told the dredge was to be restarted, which would benefit the hotel. As in all the other cases, the decision was reserved.[6]

The court decided to close the hotel in June 1916[7]:

The Railway hotel. Victoria-st., Creswick, closed its doors last Friday night, the license having been surrendered. At a sitting of the Licenses Reduction Board on Friday in Ballarat, it was announced that compensation amounting to £400 had been awarded the owners, the licensee making no claim.[8]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

The People[edit | edit source]

At the local licensing court yesterday morning, before Mr D. Berriman, P.M„ an application was made by the Ballarat Trustees, Executors and Agency Co. that permission be given to Eliza Jane Warner, married woman, to carry on the Railway hotel, Creswick, until the expiry of the present license. The company acted as trustees of the will of the late Amelia Roberts, the former licensee, and Mr H. Curwen-Walker appeared in support of the application. Mrs Warner, a daughter of the deceased, was examined as to her qualifications to carry on the hotel, after which the application was granted by the police magistrate.[11]

  • In February 1916 the owners were Misses A. E. and L. Roberts, and the licensee Mrs E. J. Warner.[6]

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References[edit | edit source]

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