Railway Hotel (Elaine)

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Railway Hotel
Railway Hotel, 2008
Town Elaine
Opened 1874
Known dates 1874-2024
Evidence Hotel still open

The Railway Hotel is a hotel at Elaine, 1874-2024.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel is at Elaine, now 5280 Midland Highway.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Also referred to as Crowe's Hotel.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel opened in 1874.[3] However there was a Crow's Hotel in Elaine in 1871 - is this William Crowe?[4]

There is reputed to be a ghost, named Lenny, a miner murdered at the hotel in the 19th century.[3] There was a second murder in 1922 when the publican, Henry Gray shot dead a customer at the bar.[3]

In 1889 the goldfield declined and the population began moving away:

Mr Crowe, late of the Railway Hotel has joined the great majority. His estate will be in the market some time during this week.[5]

In April 1919, the arrival of a new publican was reported in the newspaper:

ELAINE. RAILWAY HOTEL. The new proprietor of the well known hostelry (Mr Geo. Fleay) took possession on Monday. Mr Fleay is a well-known sport and in to-day’s issue extends a welcome to old and new friends. The new proprietor was for some time at Linton, and latterly at Lexton. Both he and Mrs Fleay know the requirements of the travelling public, and visitors will find their every need catered for in an efficient manner. Only the best of liquors will be stocked, and meals will be served at any hour desired. The new host and hostess should be worthy successors of Mr and Mrs Walsh, who left the district on Monday last for an extended holiday.[6]

The Fleays did not stay long, and in December 1919 another publican was welcomed:

ELAINE. HOTEL LICENSEE Residents of the district will be interested to learn that Mr and Mrs G. Raybould, of Smythesdale, have taken possession of the Railway hotel. Mr Raybould has complete stocks of all the best beverages, and residents as well as the travelling public, will find their every need catered for by the new proprietor. Civility and attention is the Raybould motto, and the best proof of the statement will be found in giving him a call.[7]

The hotel freehold and business were for sale in 2017.[1]

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