Richard B. Gibbs

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Richard B. Gibbs
Occupation Publican, hotel owner, company director
Years active 1861-1872
Known for Great Western Hotel
Warrenheip Distillery
Royal Alfred Hotel
Fire Brigade Hotel
Home town Ballarat

Richard B. Gibbs was a publican and businessman in Ballarat, <1861-1872>.

History[edit | edit source]

Gibbs hotel, the Great Western Hotel in Bridge Street Ballarat, was one of 60 buildings destroyed in the in a fire in January 1861. Following the fire, the newspaper reported that Gibbs, among others was rebuilding the hotel:

The many handsome one and two storied buildings in Bridge Street, on sites where fires have raged, and where they have not raged, we have noticed on previous occasions; but we may again mention, without being disagreeably invidious, the ornamental places of business belonging to Messrs Baird & Co., decorators ; Messrs Wittkowski Brothers tobacconists; Messrs Draper and Tabel, upholsterers and furniture dealers; Mr Dunk, British Queen Hotel; Messrs R. B. Gibbs, Great Western Hotel; Mr Levinson, jeweller, and Mr Steinfeld, furniture dealer. The rather long list of substantial erections we have thus noticed as sprung up, or springing up, along this old thoroughfare, proves, we think, the proposition with which we started, that Ballarat East has already beaten the fabulous phoenix; and perhaps we should not be hazarding too much if we were to say "the men of the East" are ready to beat it again. We only hope, however, that they may never have the opportunity, a hope in which, doubtless, our readers will heartily join.[1]

In November 1865, Gibbs was named as one of the directors of the Warrenheip Distillery:

The remuneration of the directors was fixed at L200 for the first year. The following gentlemen were appointed directors :-Messrs E. Cohen, J. Strachan, A. Kite, R. Dunn (ex officio), Chas. Seal, R. B. Gibbs, and J. D. Moore. The rest of the business was formal.[2]

In October 1873, he offered for sale the Royal Alfred Hotel and the Fire Brigade Hotel, two of several properties he owned with Samuel Mountford Gibbs.[3]

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