Rising Sun Hotel (Main Road)

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Rising Sun Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Main Road
Known dates 1857-1872
Demolished Destroyed by fire, 21 March 1904

The Rising Sun Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, <1857-1872>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Rising Sun Hotel was in Main Road.[1] In August 1865 it was said to be opposite the Windsor Gold Mining Company.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was extensively damaged in the Main Road Fire February 1859, which had started in an upstairs room at the Adelphi Hotel.[3]

In January 1861 the publican was charged with trading out of hours:

Same v Young, for keeping the Rising Sun Hotel open; the defendant pleaded that he did not know that it was Christmas Day; the police said the house was very well conducted ; fined 5s.[4]

In July 1866 the publican, Alexander Young, had one of his customers arrested for using obscene language:

Susan Berry, a stout young woman loudly attired, was charged with having made use of obscene language on Saturday night at the Rising Sun hotel, Main road. Mr Lewis appeared for the accused. The prosecutor, Mr Young, the landlord of the hotel, deposed to the language complained of, and produced a sample on a piece of paper. A bricklayer named Tommy was called for the defence, who deposed that at the onset he thought the prosecutor and defendant were "six of one and half-a-dozen of the other." The prosecutor, however, was well known as a respectable publican, and as Sergeant Larner remarked, it would be well if all the publicans in his neighborhood conducted their houses as well as he did. There was a second charge against the defendant of having assaulted the prosecutor. It appeared that when the charge was being entered at the watchhouse the defendant struck the prosecutor over the head and poured forth another volley of abuse. For both offences she was fined 40s, and ordered to pay 2s 6d cab hire, or in default, fourteen days imprisonment.[5]

The hotel was offered for lease in January 1870:

HOTEL.—TO LET, the RISING SUN HOTEL, Main road. Morgan and Co., Stock Exchange.[6]

In May 1870 the publican was charged with trading after hours, however the prosecutor was a police informer and deemed to be unreliable:

Alderston v Emery, for the like offence. Mr Finn for the plaintiff; and Mr Lewis for the defence. The prosecutor said he went into Mr Emery's Rising Sun hotel, at half-past twelve, accompanied by a friend, and they were given drinks. This was denied, and on the ground that the evidence of a common informer could not be taken uncorroborated, the case was dismissed.[7]

After closure[edit | edit source]

The hotel building was used as a shop after the hotel business closed. The building was destroyed by a fire on 21 March 1904:

The fire which occurred in Main road early yesterday morning, and was briefly reported in “The Star, resulted in the demolition of one of the oldest buildings in Ballarat East—the two-story weatherboard store in which Sun Chong Kee carried on business, and which, in the fifties', was the Rising Sun hotel. When, the Ballarat and City Brigades arrived on the scene the flames had a strong hold on the place, which, owing to its age, burned like matchwood; consequently they confined their attention to the adjoining shops and the several old weather board residences to the right towards the newly-erected Bow Leong Society Hall. They were unable, however, to save the stores adjoining, which, with Sun Kee’s place, were, with their contents; totally destroyed. The buildings were owned by Wing Pook, of China, Hing Kee, of Little Bourke street, Melbourne, , and Ki Goon, who acted as manager. On Saturday Ki Goon locked up the place, and proceeded to Melbourne by the evening train, for the purpose of getting a supply of stores, and there is no accounting for the origin of the fire. Plain-clothes Constable Montague yesterday made enquiries, and is satisfied that there are no suspicious circumstances. The premises, stock, and furniture were insured for £800 in the Victoria Fire Insurance Company. The building was insured over 30 years for £1400, but has been gradually reduced to the present amount. The stock was valued at between £700 and £800. Last night, when Ki Goon returned to Ballarat and inspected the ruins he collapsed altogether, and had to be assisted away by his friends.[8]

Community[edit | edit source]

Lodges[edit | edit source]

  • Court Robin Hood, Ancient Order of Foresters, meetings, 1862-1863.[9]

People[edit | edit source]

  • In June 1857 the license was granted to Alexander Young.[10]
    • His license was renewed in June 1858.[11] In July 1858, Young was granted a night license.[12]
    • His license was renewed in June 1859, May 1860, June 1861 and 1862.[13][14][15][16] He was still publican in July 1866.[5]
  • In May 1870 the publican was a Mr Emery.[7]
  • In March 1872 Michael Hayes was granted the publican's license.[17]

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