Robert Burns Hotel (Clunes)

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Robert Burns Hotel
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Town Clunes
Street Frazer Street
Closed September 1865
Known dates 1863-1865
Other names Nicholson's Hotel

The Robert Burns Hotel was a hotel in Clunes, Victoria, 1863-1865.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Robert Burns Hotel was in Clunes.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Robert Burns, of Ayr, Scotland

The hotel had been known as Nicholson's Hotel before 1863.[2]

It was named for the Scottish poet, Robert Burns (1759-1796).[3]

History[edit | edit source]

In August 1864 there was a disturbance at the hotel:

At the Clunes Police Court, on Saturday, before Messrs Thompson and McLennon, Justices of the Peace, James Taylor was charged with breaking into the Robert Burns Hotel and assaulting the landlord, Thomas Hood, at two o'clock on the morning of 10th instant. It appeared that Mr Hood had a private party in the house, and had closed all the doors. The prisoner being desirous of joining the party, forced his way in through a window, and on being remonstrated with by Mr Hood for such conduct, threw a tumbler at his head. Mr Jessup appeared for the prosecution. The prisoner was fined £5, or fourteen days' imprisonment.[4]

In September 1865, Thomas Hood received permission to relocate his license from Frazer Street, to another premises in North Clunes which was to also be named the Robert Burns Hotel

Thomas Hood obtained a transfer of his publican's license from premises in Frazer street to a new house at North Clunes, to be called the Robert Burns Hotel.[5]

The hotel was then returned to its original name, Nicholson's Hotel, by its new publican John Griffiths:

John Griffiths obtained a transfer of his license from the Foresters' Arms Hotel, Frazer street, to the premises known as Nicholson's Hotel, lately occupied by Mr Hood.[5]

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