Robert Miller Smyth

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Robert Miller Smyth
Occupation Mine Manager
Years active 1893-1895
Known for Ristori Commercial Hotel (new)
Home town Allendale
Children Robert Miller Smyth

Robert Miller Smyth was a publican at Allendale, 1893-1895.

History[edit | edit source]

In January 1884, Smyth was the manager of the Ristori gold mine at Allendale. He was called to give evidence at inquest into the death of James Mather, the mine's surface manager, who died when a rope broke causing him to fall down the shaft:

"...Robert Miller Smyth deposed—He was mining manager of the Ristori mine. Was at the stable when the accident occurred; that is about 50 or 60 yards away. Spoke to deceased about three minutes previous to the accident. Said to deceased—" If I was changed I would go down in place of you." Deceased replied—"No; it is my duty, not yours." Saw deceased brought up; he was quite dead. Deceased was surface manager and pitman. It was deceased's duty to look after the ropes. Examined the rope, and would not have hesitated. Was afraid the rope had come in contact with some sharp instrument. Did not, of his own knowledge, know whether the rope had been used for any other purpose recently or not. Had coil of 600 feet of new rope on the surface ready for use if required. To a juror—Could not say how long the rope had been used. There was nothing in the shaft to cut the rope. To the coroner—Did not know of anything that could have cut it. The block produced is the block used. Deceased was fifty years of age..."[1]

In February 1886 Smyth was elected president at the first meeting of the Creswick and District Mine Managers' Association.

The first annual meeting of the Creswick and District Mining Managers Association was held on Thursday afternoon at Smyth's Speculation hotel, Allendale, Mr R. M. Smyth, J.P., vice-president, presiding. The secretary (Mr R. F. Bryant) submitted a report, which was adopted, and the following officers were elected, viz.:— President, Mr R. M. Smyth; vice-president Mr Thos. Hewitson; secretary, Mr Bryant re-elected.) After the meeting, the members sat down to an excellent dinner provided in the dramatic hall by Host W. Smyth. Several toasts were duly honored, and a very enjoyable time was spent. At the next monthly meeting of the association the secretary is to read a paper on the drainage of wet mines.[2]

He became publican of the Ristori Commercial Hotel (new) in May 1893 when he took over the license from Jonathan Heffernan.[3] In September 1895 the license was transferred from Robert Miller Smyth, sen. to R. M. Smyth, jun.[4]

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