Royal Hotel (Wheeler's Bridge)

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Royal Hotel
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Town Wheeler's Bridge, later known as Lawrence
Opened June 1882
Known dates 1882-1898
Other names aka Cowies Hotel

The Royal Hotel was a hotel in Wheeler's Bridge, Victoria, <1882-1898>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Wheeler's Bridge[1], now known as Lawrence. Wheeler's Bridge crosses Birch Creek, close to the Berry gold mines. An early reinforced concrete bridge, designed by Sir John Monash and built in 1898-1900 is still in use.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel is often referred to as Cowie's Hotel.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel opened in June 1882:

Mr A. Cowie, of Wheeler’s Bridge, has obtained his hotel at last, and a great number of people are very glad indeed to find that he has got it, as they are old residents here, and have many friends in this place.[3]

In April 1885 a row between the settlements two publicans reached the courts:

At the Allendale Police Court on Wednesday, Jane Cowie, a publican, residing at Wheeler’s bridge, Smeaton, proceeded against Thomas Dilena, also a publican at the same place, for unlawful assault. Dilena, in turn, took out a summons for unlawful assault against Jane Cowie, Isabella Cowie, Alexander Cowie, Agnes Cowie, and John Phillips. Mr Pearson and Mr Randall appeared for Mrs Cowie, and Mr Finlayson for Dilena. Several witnesses were called and their evidence differed very materially. It appeared there has been an ill-feeling existing for several years between the two parties, which eventually broke out in a “ small squabble." After hearing the evidence; the bench (consisting of Messrs J. Eales and G. L. Nase, J’s.P.) dismissed both cases.[4]

The hotel building was burnt down in September 1892:

Last evening the Royal Hotel, at Wheeler's-bridge, about 4 miles from here, was with its contents destroyed by fire. The hotel, owned by Mrs. Jane Cowie was insured In the Victoria Company for £490, but this will not nearly cover the loss, which is estimated at £1000. The fire originated through a burning log rolling out of the fireplace.[5]

The hotel was later rebuilt:

The hotel originally cost £600. Five years ago it was burnt down and rebuilt at a cost of £1000.[6]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

Inquests[edit | edit source]

  • August 1882, into the death of James Lee:
"...the body found in a waterhole, and identified as James Lee, who left Allandale on Monday, suffering from delirium tremens. A verdict was returned of "found drowned."[7]

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References[edit | edit source]

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