Royal Mail Hotel (Waterloo)

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Royal Mail Hotel
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Town Waterloo
Known dates 1882
Demolished Destroyed by fire, 2 April 1882

The Royal Mail Hotel was a hotel in Waterloo, Victoria, <1882.

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The hotel was in Waterloo.[1]

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History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was destroyed by a fire on 2 April 1882:

The Royal Mail Hotel at Waterloo, occupied by Miss Helen Ingram was totally destroyed by fire at 3 o clock on Sunday morning, together with all its contents. Not a single article was saved, the inmates of the house escaping in their night dresses The fire is supposed to have been caused by some clothes placed on a horse in front of the kitchen fire igniting The house, furniture and stock were insured in the Queen Company for £500, and a billiard table in the house was insured in the Union of New Zealand Company for £75.[1]

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