Sawyers' Arms (Warrenheip)

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Sawyers' Arms
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Town Warrenheip
Known dates 1857-1868

The Sawyers' Arms was a hotel in Warrenheip, Victoria, <1857-1868>.

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The hotel was in Warrenheip.[1]

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History[edit | edit source]

In June 1857 the publican's court appearance to get his license renewed was opposed by the police. He remarks in the court saw him gaoled for contempt:

George Able, Sawyers' Arms Hotel, Warrenheip. Mr Holmes supported the application. Mr Superintendent Foster opposed it, on the ground that the applicant was a person of bad repute, and the companion of thieves, and had been brought before the bench for highway robbery, murderously assaulting his wife, and for other offences. Moreover, a quantity of stolen property had been found in his tent at one time. Mr Holmes contended that Mr Foster must be mistaken, and produced certificate of applicant's fitness, signed by a Mr Hobler and others. As to assaulting or killing his wife, he could call Mrs Able to rebut the charge. Mrs Able appeared, and the Magistrate recognised her as a person who had been before the bench in an assault case of some sort. Mr Able.-That was Mrs Drew, your Worship, Mr Foster's friend. Mr Foster.-I claim the protection of the Court from such remarks. I come here to do my duty, and it is too bad such things should be permitted. Mr Turner, who had previously cautioned him, sharply reprimanded the applicant, and sent him to the lock-up for twenty four hours for contempt of Court.[1]

On 26 January 1858, there was a theft from the hotel:

BALLARAT CIRCUIT COURT. Tuesday, 16th February. (Before Mr Justice Molesworth and juries of twelve.) ROBBERY.-Joseph Montague pleaded not guilty of stealing a case containing two wheels of fortune from the Sawyers' Arms Hotel, in the occupation of Mr Abel, at Bullarook Forest, the property belonging to Henry Adams. Henry Adams stated that he was a commission agent living on Ballarat. On the 26th of January he was at the Sawyers' Arms, Bullarook Forest. He went out to a fight. A case containing two wheels of fortune was taken into the public house. Prosecutor went to see the fight, and after he returned he did not see the box. He left it in the publican's charge, and he did not authorise him to sell it or to dispose of it. Alexander M'Cleish stated that on the 26th of January he was at Bullarook Forest. He saw the prisoner carrying away from the stable of the Sawyers' Arms a cedar box belonging to Adams. The box had a ticket on it with writing on it. He believed that the words were "Adams and Williams" on the ticket. He identified the box by a piece of rope that was round it. On cross-examination this witness said Montague and Jackson might as well have been on the box as "Adams and Williams." Detective Daly proved the arrest of the prisoner, who stated that he had not his own box at Bullarook. The prisoner made a very ingenious speech, contending that he had a box of his own, containing two wheels of fortune, and that the prosecutor and his witness M'Cleish had mistaken one box for the other. The prisoner called James Marlin, who proved that he saw the prisoner with an oaken box in his possession at the Sportsman's Arms, Ballarat, on the 26th of January, and he afterwards saw him with the same box in his possession, at the Sawyers' Arms, Bullarook Forest' His Honor summed up, observing that if the prisoner had a box of his own when arrested, he might have produced it. The jury found the prisoner guilty of simple larceny, and he was sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labor.[2]

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