Specimen Hill Brewery

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Specimen Hill Brewery
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Town Ballarat
Known dates 1857
Other names Scrase and Fry's Brewery

The Specimen Hill Brewery was a brewery in Ballarat, Victoria, <1857>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The brewery was in Specimen Hill.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The brewery was also known as Scrase and Fry's Brewery.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The brewery was operated by Scrase and Fry and opened in late 1855 as reported in the Ballarat Star:

"...within the last fifteen months, Messrs Scrase and Fry commenced their brewery on the Flat, and have successfully competed with those already in the market, in the production of ale and porter. In their present premises they can brew about forty hogsheads per week, and have cellarage for about fifty hogs heads. Considerable additions are being made to their establishment, and the facilities for production will be greatly enlarged. The ale of Messrs Scrase and Fry seemed to us the finest sample for color and clearness, reminding us strongly by its looks of some of the famed productions of the Burton breweries."[2]

In February 1857 the brewery were advertising the full range of their products:

Bottled Ale and Porter, TRY SCRASE & FRY'S Bottled Ale and Porter, equal to imported, at one third less price.

Draught Ale and Porter, THREE SHILLINGS per Gallon, by the hogshead, Four Shillings by the 2 gallons, at SCRASE & FRY'S.
MALT AND HOPS on sale at Scrase & Fry's, Specimen Hill Brewery.
YEAST constantly on hand at Scase & Fry's, Specimen Hill Brewery.

Pig's Food! ONE HUNDRED Bushels of Grains weekly on sale at SCRASE & FRY'S, SPECIMEN HILL BREWERY 2s. per bushel[3]

In October 1857 Scrase and Fry advertised malt, hops, yeast, coffee and horse feed:

To the Licensed Victuallers of Ballarat. SCRASE & FRY, in returning thanks to those publicans whose patronage they have already secured, by superiority of quality against all local and other brewers, have much pleasure in stating that they have reduced the price per hhd. to seven pounds. S. & F. have been induced to adopt this course to meet the views of those publicans who have undertaken to supply the million at reduced prices.

Malt and Hops. MALT AND HOPS on sale at Scrase & Fry's, Specimen Hill Brewery. Yeast. Yeast. Yeast YEAST constantly on hand at Scrase & Fry's, Specimen Hill Brewery.
To Merchants and Storekeepers. COFFEE. COFFEE. COFFEE (Plantatation.) Best quality, roast and ground daily, sold wholesale only, at Melbourne prices, Scrase and Fry's, Specimen Hill

Horse Feed. WHEAT, whole and cracked, hay, oats, bran, chaff, barley, best flour, Mauritius sugar, for sale at lowest market price, at Scrase & Fry's, Specimen Hill.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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