Shamrock Hotel (Allendale)

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Shamrock Hotel
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Town Allendale
Opened 1886
Closed 1908
Known dates 1886-1908

The Shamrock Hotel was a hotel at Allendale, Victoria, 1886-1908.

Background[edit | edit source]

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in the main street of Allendale, opposite the Victoria Hotel.

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was mention in a newspaper report of a fire which destroyed the Victoria Hotel in February 1887. The report said the Shamrock had been burned down days before:

"...This makes three fires that have occurred quite close together, making a large gap in the street. The Shamrock Hotel, that got burned down the other day, is just opposite..."[1]

In June 1896 the publican, Patrick Ryan, was fined £5 5s for not having his bar door locked on a Sunday.[2]

In December 1903 the publican was ordered to make necessary repairs within six months as a condition for renewal of the license.[3]

The hotel must have been rebuilt, but in 1908 it was one of 47 Ballarat district hotels closed by the License Reduction Board. The owner was paid £281 compensation, and the licensee £5.[4]

The hotel and business were described at the Licensing Court hearing in May 1908:

SHAMROCK HOTEL, ALLENDALE. Mrs Elizabeth Ryan, owner and licensee. William Drew said the Shamrock hotel was a single-storied wooden building, having seven bedrooms, two parlors, kitchen, etc. In May, 1903, he sold the lease, on behalf of a Miss Davis, to Thomas Brown, for £200, this amount including £60 worth of furniture- The rent was 30s per week; and the takings £12. There were five hotels in the town. The present market value of the hotel, inclusive of half an acre of land, was £500. With out a license, he would value, the property at £90. The mines were flourishing in 1905; since that date the value of property had deteriorated. John Thomas Sloan, auctioneer, of Allendale, said he had lived in the district for 25 years. The license had been in existence for 22 years. He valued the property at £450 with a license; without a license, at £90. He thought 25s was a fair weekly rental. He thought two-thirds of the trade would be transferred to the Speculation hotel if the Shamrock were closed, while the other third would be divided amongst three hotels. James Millington thought 12s 6d to 15s was a fair rental. As far as the returns supplied by the hotel-keepers were concerned, he could assure the board that the figures given to them by his company were taken from the company's books. The chairman said the award would be purely nominal.[5]

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