Shamrock Hotel (Main Road)

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Shamrock Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Main Road
Closed 1891
Known dates 1861-1891

The Shamrock Hotel was in Ballarat East, Victoria <1861-1891.

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The Shamrock Hotel was in Main Road, Ballarat.[1]

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The hotel building was destroyed in a large fire in Main Road, November 1862, that destroyed 33 buildings. The newspaper reort said the building was owned by Mr De Saxe's premises, occupied by Mr Foley as the Shamrock, it was uninsured ; Mr De Saxe estimates his loss at L150, and Mr Foley at about L100.[2]

In January 1870, the publican, Mr. Kealy, who was retiring, offered all the hotel fittings for sale by auction:

TUESDAY, 4th JANUARY, At Twelve o'clock, On the Premises, Shamrock Hotel, Main Road, opposite Gregory's Store. Unreserved Sale by Auction. H. J. white has received instructions from Mr Kealy, who is retiring from business, to SELL by AUCTION, as above, The whole of his household FURNITURE, BAR FURNITURE, GLASSWARE, CROCKERY, &c., consisting of — Loo, Dining, and other Tables, 6 Hair-seat Chairs, Rocking Chair, Papier-mache Table, Chiffonniere, Chimney Glass, Ornaments, Bedsteads, Mattresses, Blankets, Quilts, Crockery and Cooking utensils. BAR. — Superior Billiard Bagatelle Table, Decanters, Glasses, Pictures, Beer-warmer, Clock, and quantity of sundries. Terms — Cash. H. J. WHITE, Auctioneer and Valuator.[3]

The license was transferred in April 1883:

The license of the Shamrock hotel, Main road, was transferred from Frank Stewart to his wife, Ellen Stewart. It was stated, in support of the application, that Mr Stewart was about to proceed to Sydney, where he would remain for eight months.[4]

The hotel was listed for closure following the Licensing Court 1888 hearings. It was described as having 12 rooms and being fairly well conducted.[5]

Shamrock hotel—Francis Mullins, licensee. A two-storied wooden building, 12 rooms, poorly furnished, fairly well conducted, and doing chiefly a bar business[6]

It was one of the 40 hotels closed in 1891 in Ballarat East as part of the changes to licensing laws.[7] The owners were paid £1036 compensation for the closure of the business.[7] After the hotel was closed, it reopened as the "The Local Option Boarding House" (local option being the name of the process that closed the hotel).[8][9]

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