Sir Charles Hotham Hotel

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Sir Charles Hotham Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Main Road
Known dates 1856-1859
Demolished Moved to Creswick Road, 1859.

The Sir Charles Hotham Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, <1856-1859.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Main Road, opposite the residence of Dr. Holthouse.[1]

In December 1859 tenders were called to move the building to Creswick Road.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In August 1856, the County Court ordered the sale of the hotel:

Thomas Curle, plaintiff, v. William Peck, defendant. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that under and by virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias in this cause, I will sell by public auction, on Tuesday, the 19th day of August, 1856, at the hour of twelve o'clock noon, All the above-named defendant's right, title, and interest (if any) in and to all those premises situate at Clayton's Hill, Ballarat, and known as the Sir Charles Hotham Hotel, Together with the Furniture, and a quantity of Champagne and other Wines, &c., and sundry miscellaneous articles, or so much or such part thereof, as shall be sufficient to satisfy the execution in this cause, unless the same shall be previously satisfied. By the Court, WILLIAM TWEEDIE, Bailiff.[3]

In December 1856 a miner, Henry Bennett, claimed that he had been robbed by two prostitutes after drinking at the hotel:

"...He had been in one or two public houses on the morning of the 27th. He had no intention of drinking, but he did drink. He sold some gold that morning. He was in the Star Hotel, but he did not think he drank anything there. He then went to the Sir Charles Hotham Hotel, where he had a glass or two. He arrived in the evening with his mate at Charlotte Grey's house. He went into a private room with Brilliant, and he gave her 2s. 6d. To the best of his recollection he accused (Sarah) Brilliant of taking the money before he left the inner room. Prosecutor said he would burn down the house if he did not get back his money..."[4]

In January 1857 a letter was written to the Ballarat Star, complaining about the alignment of the new Golden Point Road:

The Old Golden Point Road was the only road on Ballarat, when I came here four years ago and it only required a glance, to see, that it is the only suitable place, to form the New Road upon, as it has always been perfectly dry in all weathers ; being composed naturally of quartz, and clearing itself of water by the natural fall of the land. The recondite genius who is laying out the new line, abandons this, already half formed road, and is planting the new road in the bottom of a gully, which is a perfect swamp in wet weather...The next piece of Tomfoolery, is in taking this road down by the Caledonia Hotel, than which there could not possibly be found a worse place. It is quite palpable to any person, whose brains are in an inverse ratio to the length of his organs of hearing, that the proper course for this road to take, is that which has always been adopted by the inhabitants of this locality, as being suited by nature for a road, and bringing it along in a straight line from this point, until it would join the plank road, between the Sir Charles Hotham Hotel and Canadian Gully. By this means all steep gradients and heavy cuttings would be avoided, and the road would be made at far less than half the expense which it will be to make the cuttings which would be necessary to render it possible for a team of bullocks to take a load along the route as laid down by our long-eared friends aforesaid.[5]

In September 1858, a dairyman, James Welsh, who lived behind the hotel, sought financial assistance after his house was burned down.[6]

In September 1859 tenders were called for the removal of the hotel:

To Carpenters. PARTIES willing to contract for taking down and putting up, on the Western Township east of Drummond street, the "Sir Charles Hotham Hotel," as it now stands, near the Plank Road,-cartage and labor only, -address under cover to Mr J. S. Carver, before twelve noon of Thursday. Out-buildings not included.[7]

In December 1859 tenders were again called to move the hotel to Creswick Road:

TO CARPENTERS, Joiners and Brick, layers. - Tenders required for the various works in the removal and fitting up the Sir Charles Hotham Hotel, &c., from Plank Road to Creswick Road, for P. W. Welsh, Esq. Specifications and particulars to be obtained until Thursday afternoon, the 8th inst., at the office of H. R. CASELLI, Architect, Webster street. ,[2]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

The People[edit | edit source]

  • In 1856 William Peck is listed as publican in the Geelong, Ballarat and Creswick's Creek Directory.[8]

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References[edit | edit source]

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