Siseley's Hotel

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Siseley's Hotel
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Town Black Lead
Known dates 1860-1869

Siseley's Hotel was a hotel at Black Lead, <1860-1869>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was at Black Lead.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel was named after the publican and owner, John Siseley.

History[edit | edit source]

In January 1860 the hotel was the venue for an inquest into the death of Patrick Carroll:

Dr Clendinning held an inquest on Friday, 6th instant, at Siseley's Hotel, Black Lead, on the body of Patrick Carroll, whose death was reported in a former issue of the Star. From the evidence it appears that deceased had been drinking on the Wednesday, and was found as if having fallen from his horse, and bleeding much from his right ear; he was removed to a hut by his drunken comrades, one of whom was pitched off his own horse, and Carroll died about two o'clock on Thursday morning. Dr Kenworthy was in attendance, but pronounced the case hopeless. The jury returned an open verdict of fracture of the skull.[2]

In August 1865 the hotel was one of the three polling booths for the Buninyongshire elections.[1]

In March 1869 the hotel was offered for sale:

THURSDAY, 4th MARCH, On the Premises, Siseley's Hotel, Black Lead. HOTEL AND FURNITURE. GEO. E. FINNIS is instructed by the trustees to sell by auction, on the premises, as above, on Thursday, the 4th instant, at Twelve o'clock precisely, the Hotel and Premises formerly occupied by the late Mr John Siseley, at the Black Lead, and known as SISELEY'S HOTEL. After which a quantity of useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects.[3]

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