Snake Valley

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Snake Valley is a small town west of Ballarat, Victoria.

Hotels[edit | edit source]

There were may hotel in the local area, which includes Snake Valley, Preston's Hill and Cargnham. The Snake Valley Historical Society has identified 27 "hotels" and shanties in the district where alcohol could be purchased.[1]:

  1. Carngham Inn, Francis Scott
  2. Old House at Home, James Stoddart.
  3. Criterion Hotel, Thomas Dalveen
  4. United States Hotel, Joseph Ogle.
  5. Charlie Napier Casino.
  6. Greyhound Hotel, George Hall.
  7. Half Way House, Samuel Johnson.
  8. Man of Kent Hotel, Henry Parker.
  9. Preston's Hill Hotel, David Dunne.
  10. Lindsley's Hotel (is the United States Hotel at Preston Hill where David Lindsley was publican?)
  11. Britannia Hotel, Edward Malcolm
  12. Snake Valley Hotel, Thomas Fitridge.
  13. Commercial Hotel, Mr. Sinclair.
  14. Miners' Hotel, James Gullen.
  15. Junction Inn, Robert Wickers.
  16. Mount Emu Hotel, Richard Scrarze.
  17. Lillerie Hotel, John William Cook.
  18. Bottle Hill Hotel, William Callaghan.
  19. Royal Oak Hotel, William Callaghan.
  20. Nugget Hotel, Robert Wicker.
  21. Prince of Wales Hotel, Thomas Bromfield.
  22. Victoria Hotel, C. R. Bolling
  23. Junction Hotel (is this the Junction Hotel at Argyle?)
  24. Restaurant, Emma Phillips.
  25. Boarding house. Agnes Stewart.
  26. All Nations restaurant and Boarding house.
  27. Mary Osborne ran a grog shanty in her tent.

List of hotels[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Snake Valley Historical Society, Facebook post, October 2015