Snake Valley Hotel

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Snake Valley Hotel
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Town Snake Valley
Closed bef. 1875
Known dates 1861-1862

The Snake Valley Hotel was a hotel in Snake Valley, Victoria, <1861-1862>.


The hotel was in Snake Valley.[1]



After the hotel had closed the building was reused as a school room in 1875:

The building in which the infants attending the Snake Valley State School are taught is (writes our correspondent) in a shocking condition. It was formerly the Snake Valley hotel, but has been in the possession of the Good Templars for some time, and is rented from that body for school purposes by the Government. When it rains the water enters in all directions, streaming down the walls and along the floors. For the last month the place has been in a continual damp unwholesome state, which, although it may accord with the aqueous notions of the proprietors, is not calculated to conduce to the health of the children compelled to attend, while the musty unpleasant smell from the closed-up rooms is intolerable.[2]

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