Spread Eagle Hotel

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Spread Eagle Hotel
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Town Ballan
Known dates 1857-1858

The Spread Eagle Hotel was a hotel near Ballan, <1857-1858>.


The hotel is described as being at Bacchus Station in 1857.[1]. This is pre railway so it is not Bacchus Marsh railway station. A squatter, William Henry Bacchus, had a property on the Moorabool (in the parish of Lal Lal), first called Burrumbeetup in 1839, but later known as Perewur Station, or Peerewurr Station, in the 1870s.[2] In 1858 the hotel was described as being near Ballan.[3]



In February 1858, there was a court case over the ownership of the hotel and its license:

Mr Randall applied on behalf of William Nebin for the transfer of the license of the Spread Eagle Hotel near Ballan, from George Stubbs. Mr Trench, on behalf of Mr Stubbs who had obtained a transfer from a Mr McClure, opposed, stating the person applying had taken forcible possession of the hotel and turned Stubbs out, who himself stated that Nebin, McClure, and others came and turned him out ; Nebin having a pistol in his hand. Mr Nebin kicked Mr Stubbs in the eye. Mr Randall contended that as Mr Stubbs was merely the transferee of the license of McClure, and according to the ruling of the Court no such thing as a transfer could take place, therefore the license was vested in McClure. McClure was willing to have the license cancelled, and then Mr Nebin could have a license granted. The Bench refused the application, holding that the transfer having been already granted, they could not interfere with it.[3]

Community Involvement[edit]

The People[edit]

  • In June 1857 the publican's license was granted to John A. Clive.[1] Or is this McLure?[3]
  • In September 1857, George Stubbs applied to transfer the license, but did not appear in court.[4]

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