Spring Mount Hotel

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Spring Mount Hotel
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Town Spring Hills
Known dates 1900-1940
Other names Springmount Hotel

The Spring Mount Hotel was a hotel at Spring Hills, Victoria, <1900-1940>.

Background[edit | edit source]

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was described as being at Spring Hill in 1916, and Springmount in 1939.

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was destroyed by a fire in October 1900:

A HOTEL DESTROYED BY FIRE. (From Our Correspondent.) On Tuesday morning the Spring Mount Hotel was destroyed by fire. The property belonged to the Ballarat Brewing Company. The furniture was insured for £100. The origin of the fire is a mystery.[1]

The hotel's license was reviewed by the Creswick Licensing Court in January 1916.[2] Evidence was heard in February 1916:

The next hotel dealt with was the Springmount, situated at Springmount, the owners being the Ballarat Brewing Co. and the licensee Patrick O'Brien. Mounted Constable Collins gave evidence of the structure and situation of the hotel. Thos. A. Symonds, farmer, of Scrub Hill, said the hotel seemed to be a general place of call. He favored its retention, as it had the better stand. Thomas Vague, mail driver, said he thought it desirable for the hotel to remain. There was a great deal of traffic past it, with the post office and weighbridge near by. To the board: The only difference between the two hotels was that the Springmount had the better situation on the cross roads. Charles E. Hartup favored the Springmount hotel being kept open for business reasons. Stanley Bowley, drover, said he found it, convenient to draft sheep at the hotel. The licensee gave particulars as to takings, etc., at the hotel. He had four children at home and five at a private place in Creswick. He had about an acre and a half for stock. The decision was reserved.[3]

The hotel was destroyed in a fire on 20 October 1940:

Springmount Hotel Burnt. CRESWICK, Sunday.— While the whole population of the little village of Springmount, three miles from Creswick, together with hundreds of visitors from Creswick, looked on, helpless, because of the lack of water, the Springmount Hotel was destroyed by fire late on Saturday night. Only the licensee Mrs. Gibson, with her assistant, Mr. J. Carter, and a visitor, were in the hotel when the fire started. Hearing a noise, they entered the bar, and found flames blazing around a petrol lamp. Only a very few personal effects were saved. The hotel was owned by the Ballarat Brewing Co.[4]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

  • Springmount Football Club - May 1915, meeting to form a football club.[5]

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References[edit | edit source]

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