Stag Hotel (Learmonth)

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Stag Hotel
Town Learmonth
Known dates 1859-2024

The Stag Hotel is a hotel at Learmonth, Victoria, <1859-2024.

The Stag Hotel is currently open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday night with drinks and over the bar Snacks available from 5pm. Fridays and Saturdays bar and kitchen are open from 5pm until late.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Learmonth.

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel was built after 1855 by William McKay:

"...Business prospering, (McKay) purchased a number of valuable town allotments and erected the Stag hotel and store, and at which the local post-office was first opened..."[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In November 1870, a man was charged with stealing blankets from a groom at the hotel:

John Thompson was charged with stealing a pair of blankets from the Stag hotel, the property of Pierce Hawker, valued at 15s; the prosecutor, a groom at the Stag hotel, deposed that on Saturday, night he saw a light at Mr M’Kenzie’s hay stack; went across, and saw prisoner covered up under the hay. Mr M'Kenzie, who had accompanied him, told prisoner to come over to the stable. Prisoner stopped on the premises all night, and went away on the following morning between eight and nine o’clock. Prisoner returned shortly afterwards, and asked if he could remain longer as it was likely to rain. Prosecutor replied that he could. Prosecutor slept in a room off the stable, the prisoner having the opportunity of seeing where he slept. At about one o’clock on Sunday he had occasion to leave the stable for about a quarter of an hour, and on returning found that his blankets were gone. Recognised the blankets produced as his property. After missing the blankets he went in search of the prisoner, and found him in a paddock. He then handed prisoner over to the police. The prisoner was sentenced to fourteen days’ imprisonment.[2]

In September 1914 the publican hosted a social night for the football club:

FOOTBALL FUNCTION. Mr Chas. Johnson, who has been licensee of the Stag Hotel for the past 12 months, and whose, lease has now expired, tendered to the Learmonth Football Club and its supporters a smoke social on Wednesday night last. The loyal toast, having been honored with enthusiasm the chairman (Mr W. F. Hamilton) proposed the health of Mr and Mrs Johnson, and thanked them for the kindness and generosity shown to the club during the season, and regretted their departure from Learmonth. The toast was supported by the captain (S. Lynch), secretary (C. H. Medwell), J. Doolan, M. Casey, J. F. Feery and others, all of whom expressed appreciation of the treatment received, and highly complimented their host and hostess for the straight-forward and business manner in which they conducted their hotel during their term and regretted their departure. The toast was drunk with musical honors. Mr Johnson responding thanked all for the complimentary remarks made concerning Mrs Johnson and himself. It is the intention of the club to return the kindness shown to them by making a presentation to Mr and Mrs Johnson at a future date.[3]

Mrs. McKenzie retired from active work in the hotel in February 1918:

RETIRING FROM BUSINESS. Mrs A. M'Kenzie, owner and licensee of the Stag hotel, is retiring from the business, having let the premises to Mrs Graham of South Australia. Mrs. M'Kenzie contemplates taking a rest having been licensee of the hotel for close on thirty years.[4]

The publican was fined in January 1938:

Herbert Thomas Murtagh, licensee of the Stag Hotel, Learmonth, was fined 15/ for having had persons on the premises, and three men were each fined £1 for being there in prohibited hours.[5]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

  • In 1860 the hotel was the venue for people interested in starting a ploughing contest:

FARMERS PLOUGHING MATCH. A meeting of subscribers and others interested in the above will take place at the Stag Hotel, Learmonth, on Friday, 8th instant, at five o'clock p.m. [6]

    • Another meeting to establish a ploughing match was held in July 1887.[7]
  • In August 1864 the hotel was the venue for a ball hosted by the Order of Oddfellows and the Regatta Club:

A bachelor's ball was held at the Stag Hotel, Learmonth, on Thursday evening, under the patronage of the Order of Oddfellows and the Learmonth Regatta Club. About eighty persons were present, and dancing was kept up till daylight on the following morning. During the evening, a substantial supper was provided by Mr McKenzie, the proprietor of the, hotel, and numerous songs and a few speeches, no doubt appropriate to the time and place, were delivered. The company enjoyed themselves right heartily, and, though the music was not on a very pretentious scale, still with the aid of the bagpipes,several violins, and other instruments, there was sufficient to enable a rather fashionable programme of dances to be carried out. The bagpipes were played by Mr McLeod, of Beaufort, who formerly belonged to the gallant 42nd Regiment, and he served in it under Sir Colin Campbell during the Crimean war.[8]

The People[edit | edit source]

THE LICENSING ACTS.-APPLICATION for TRANSFER of LICENCE.-I, Gerald Thomas Kelly, the holder of a Victualler's licence for the Stag Hotel, at Learmonth, in the Allendale Licensing District, and I, Francis James Keogh, of Bullarook, hereby give notice that we will APPLY to the Licensing Court at Melbourne on the 16th day of December, 1946, for the TRANSFER of the said LICENCE to the said Francis James Keogh. Dated the 5th day of December. 1946. G. T. KELLY. Transferor. F. J. KEOGH Transferee. T. E. Byrne & Co., of Lydiard street. Ballarat, solicitors for the transferor and transferee. F. M. THIESSEN & Co.. hotel brokers, Lydiard street. Ballarat. Tel. No. 781.[25]

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References[edit | edit source]

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