Surprise Quartz Mining Company

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Surprise Quartz Mining Company
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Town Creswick
Opened 11 October 1886
Known dates 1886-1887

The Surprise Quartz Mining Company was a mining company in Creswick, Victoria, <1886-1887>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The company operated a mine, and a 10 head stamping battery three kms south east of Creswick.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Work commenced at the mine site on 11 October 1886.[1] A waterwheel was the original source of power, but this was replaced by a steam engine in September 1887.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The early history of the mine was reported in September 1887:

STARTING OF THE SURPRISE COMPANY’S MACHINERY. CRESWICK, Thursday. (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.) The ceremony of starting the Surprise Quartz Mining Company’s machinery was performed to-day, in the presence of a good number of spectators, including several ladies and a number of visitors from Ballarat, with whom was Mr Chas. Stewart, the District Inspector of Mines. The company is in 52 shares, which are almost exclusively held by Ballarat men, Mr Wm. Osburn, of the Commercial hotel, being almost the only shareholder in Creswick. The claim, which includes 1300 feet along the line of the well-known Mills’ Reef, is situated in the bush, a mile or two in a south easterly direction from the township. The roads leading to the works, after leaving the back road to Dean, are of a rough description, and a slight mishap occurred to one of the parties on their way to the demonstration, one of the horses falling and breaking the two shafts of a double-seated buggy, in which two ladies and two gentlemen were seated. Fortunately neither the horse nor the occupants of the vehicle were injured. At the claim the whole of the visitors assembled in the engine-house, and Miss Landvogt, of Ballarat, christened the engine in the orthodox manner, naming it the “ Mascotte,” and at the same time expressing the hope that the operations of the company would result in large dividends for the shareholders. Mr Lee, the secretary, took advantage of the opportunity to mention, for the information of those present, that work was commenced on the 11th October in last year. The sum of £66 had been subscribed in “ working ” calls, £92 10s had been paid in wages, the gold won had realised £91 9s 3d, and the sum of £36 had been divided amongst 12 shareholders. The quartz was at first crushed by means of a water wheel. About four months since arrangements were made for providing an engine, and a contract for that purpose was let to Mr Adam Clinton, the Ballarat mining engineer. The customary toasts were afterwards honored, and the proceedings proved of an interesting character. The 10-head battery on the claim will be equal to 150 tons of stone per week, and a return of 3 dwt to the ton will give the men wages. It is confidently anticipated that the plucky shareholders will be substantially rewarded for their enterprise, and that the operations of the Surprise Company will eventually lead to many men being employed on one of the many payable quartz reefs around Creswick.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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