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Hotels of Creswick[edit source]

Norm Darwin's list[edit source]

Ballarat historian Norm Darwin was creating a database of Creswick hotels, and in 2004 posted the following list on Rootsweb:

  • American Albert Street
  • Anthonys - the American, Anthony was the first publican
  • Back Creek
  • Eglinton at Back Creek
  • Colliers Albert & Victoria Street
  • Commercial Albert Street
  • Creswick
  • Criterion
  • Dirty Duck see White Swan
  • Flying Buck outskirts
  • Halls
  • Harrisons Mopoke
  • Neickes Long Point
  • Half Way House Creswick - Ballarat Rd Sulky
  • Hammons Ballarat Road
  • Waterloo Sulky Gully
  • Creswick
  • Old Horse Inn Albert Street
  • Phoenix outskirts
  • Prince of Wales Cnr Raglan & Napier
  • Red Lion Sulky
  • Roberts Bottle Hill (near Clark's Hill)
  • Rogers - my sources say an early name for the British
  • Rose of Australia Slaty Creek
  • Rosekelly's - Rosekilly was a publican at the British
  • Seven Stars Clark's Flat
  • Star
  • Tanners Portuguese Flat
  • The Bridge Melbourne Road
  • The British
  • The New American Melbourne Road
  • The Union
  • White Swan I have linked the ones in this wiki at present, and made notes on some others. --Bertie (talk) 12:19, 31 May 2017 (UTC)

Sue O'Neill[edit source]

Another thread from Rootsweb 2004:From: "Sue O'Neill" < You might want to check this site - it is only a trifling amount of the publicans - more so than hotels but you might find it interesting.

With regards to Creswick T W Anthony (Thomas William) was probably the first the publican for the American Hotel - he was from America. J W Burns - Prince of Wales Hotel - listed as publican in a birth notice in 1859 Carson - Creswick Hotel - 1859 advert in the paper Creati - Flying Bucks Hotel Davies or Davis (William) - Bridge Hotel Edwards, J - Criterion Fotheringham, William - hotel unknown Frost, George, Wattle Hotel - 1884-85 Harrison, R - Old House Inn Leake, Price - yep thats his first name, 1884-85 - hotel unknown Pascoe, James - Belle Vue Hotel Richards, Henry - 1884 - 1885 Roberts, Back Creek Hotel - 1859 Rosekilly, John, British Hotel Wellington, Wellington Hotel - 1859 Whatman, James - Prince of Wales Hotel - 1860

Forgot to sign.--Bertie (talk) 04:58, 2 June 2017 (UTC)